This backpack has its own surveillance camera, tracking device, and solar panel

The Seeon 180° backpack is easily the most advanced bag I’ve ever seen… and I’ve been writing about innovative bags for 6 years now. The fact that it carries your luggage from point A to point B is an incredibly small part of what the Seeon 180° backpack does, but an incredibly important one too. You could be a businessman carrying important documents, a woman with her valuables, or just someone unluckily venturing through a shady neighborhood. Seeon 180° has its own surveillance system to keep an eye on people approaching you from behind, a motion sensor that can detect objects or people moving towards you, an alarm system that activates in emergency situations during altercations, assaults, or muggings, and a GPS tracking device that can send your location (or your bag’s location) to an emergency contact list in case of an emergency. The bag even has solar panels and a built-in power bank to allow these features to operate, as well as to charge your gadgets… and if that wasn’t enough, the bag has its own light-strip that automatically illuminates in the dark, allowing cyclists and other pedestrians spot and avoid you while you’re walking on the pavement or crossing roads.

Designer: Saros Lab

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I often find myself referring to Seeon 180° as ‘more than a backpack’, and I keep checking myself when I say so… because truth be told, it isn’t really a backpack to begin with. It’s a secure safe you can wear on your back. Designed for a modern age where protecting yourself and your belongings should really be at the forefront, Seeon 180° uses technology to create a secure, portable storage solution. It merely looks like a backpack, but it’s too advanced to really put it in the same category as your simplistic canvas or leather bag.

Perhaps Seeon 180°’s most intriguing and defining feature is its 1080p surveillance camera built into the bag’s back. Engineered to be your third eye as you walk forward, Seeon 180° keeps a lookout for you by constantly scanning what’s happening behind you. It comes coupled with a motion sensor that can even gauge the speed of objects approaching you, letting you be aware of what’s happening behind you so you don’t have to constantly look back to make sure you’re safe. The camera sits discreetly within the bag, is virtually impossible to notice, and sends alerts to your phone. This portable surveillance system is powered by an ARM computer built right into Seeon 180°. Along with being able to ‘see’ what’s behind you, Seeon 180° can sense its own location too.

The backpack (and I use that term out of convenience here) even comes with its own GPS that actively tracks the bag and wearer’s location, serving two broad purposes. In the event of an altercation, the bag can send an SOS alert to an emergency contact, or if the bag gets stolen, it can be tracked in real-time. Among other features, the bag comes with its own ‘taillight’ too, which self-illuminates in the dark. Designed to make it easy to spot at night (so cars, bikes, and pedestrians can avoid you), the LEDs can be controlled via your smartphone too, allowing you to switch them on or off depending on your need.

All of Seeon 180°’s features draw power from its built-in 20,000 mAh power bank, which you can also use to charge your own devices too. The power bank is supplemented by a series of solar panels on the back of Seeon 180°, which means you don’t really need to recharge the backpack too often! A wireless module enables Seeon 180° to connect to your smartphone, and Seeon 180°’s app lets you create custom alerts based on emergencies like assault, theft, or collision. Even if you aren’t staring at your phone’s screen, the backpack’s discreet alarm system can send you vibrations when it senses danger, prompting you to look back and evaluate the situation. In the event that the situation gets out of hand or your bag gets stolen, you can share the bag’s location from within the app too, making it easier to track your backpack as well as your stuff.

Those features, however, tend to distract from Seeon 180°’s most fundamental job of being able to carry your belongings! The Seeon 180° backpack (can we just call it a backsafe?) has a main compartment that’s large enough to securely store your laptop and tablet and some more, while pockets on both the inside as well as outside give you ample organized storage for all your belongings. For a backpack that’s as advanced as Seeon 180°, it’s incredibly stylish too. The entire exterior is crafted from high-quality calfskin leather, with hammered straps, padded back-panel, and even waterproof zippers. One could say that’s kind of to its detriment, because the bag’s stylish appeal may actually attract people instead of let you stealthily move around without anyone noticing or following you! I’m kidding, obviously… Seeon 180° actually ushers in a rather new era for bags, where being able to stay safe and track your belongings are of paramount importance. Having launched just a month after Apple announced its AirTags that let you track your keys, wallet, and belongings, the Seeon 180° backpack definitely seems to have its finger on the pulse. And like one of the backers on the Kickstarter page rather perfectly said, “It’s only missing a katana”…

Click Here to Buy Now: $234 $468 (50% off). Hurry, for a limited time only.