This portable shaver with ceramic blades will literally ‘erase’ your stubble to give you the cleanest shave

Rather aptly named for a portable shaver, the Erazor was designed to erase stubble right off your face. Armed with ceramic blades housed inside a compact design that’s no bigger than a shaving brush, the Erazor is a portable grooming device that takes a fraction of the time as opposed to your shaving kit, and doesn’t create a mess either.

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The Erazor’s compact design is a breath of fresh air compared to the standard elongated hyper-ergonomic form seen with most regular electric shavers. Its overall form factor might be tiny, but it’s still comfortable to use. Designed to be maneuvered across your face the same way you’d maneuver a shaving brush along your jaw, the Erazor’s ceramic blades finely trim down your stubble, leaving you with a clean shave that doesn’t hurt, pinch, or leave behind razor burns.

While its portable, compact design sounds like its most appreciated feature, the Erazor’s finest bit of innovation is in its use of ceramic blades. Most traditional shavers come with metal blades that are DLC coated for sharpness, however, the coating wears down over time causing the blade to become dull, but more importantly, contact with water or humidity (since most shaving happens in the bathroom) causes even the best blades to begin rusting with time. You want a clean shave, not a close shave with death, am I right?

Erazor’s blades are made from zirconium oxide, an incredibly hard and durable material only second to actual diamonds. Zirconia is most commonly used to make artificial dental caps and even ceramic knives, which seem to really be a testament to their sharpness and durability. Erazor’s Zirconia blades sit under a stainless-steel mesh shield and are powered by a high-torque motor that rotates at 6600RPM (for perspective, that’s about 1.5 times faster than a traditional shaver and twice as fast as a lawnmower) for a quick shave.

The stainless-steel mesh shield measures a mere 0.5mm in thickness too, resulting in a much cleaner shave. The electronics sit within an IPX7 waterproof housing, which means you can use the Erazor while showering, and even rinse the ceramic blades under running water when you’re done. The stainless-steel mesh pops off for cleaning out stubble, and the Erazor even comes with a nifty brush that lets you clean/maintain your portable shaver before or after use.

According to Erazor’s designers, it’s roughly the size of an egg. While an egg isn’t exactly something you’d carry around in your pocket or backpack, it’s a handy little metric to really emphasize how compact and portable the Erazor is. The device easily fits into any travel bag, and weighs just 68 grams (or about as much as 1 and a half eggs).

For easy transport, the Erazor sports a safety-lock feature that prevents it from accidentally turning on while it’s inside your bag pressed against your other belongings… and a 60-day battery means you really need to charge your shaver a handful of times in the entire year. Besides, the Erazor charges via USB-C, which means you can hook it to your smartphone charger or even plug it into a power bank to juice the battery up.

As far as colors go, you’ve got two to choose from – a classic black, or an avant-garde space gray… making it sort of look like either a futuristic pepper shaker or a salt shaker. Each Erazor even comes with a 2-year warranty, retails for $50, and ships in November, which means you should begin using it as early as December once No-Shave November ends!

Click Here to Buy Now: $49 $80 (38% off). Hurry, only 5/1300 left! Raised over $120,000.