This futuristic metal buckle tightens your pants… without a belt!

First came suspenders, then the belt, then elastic, now we enter the age of the Bucqle. The Bucqle is a product from an alternate universe where pants don’t have belt-loops. It’s quite literally a metal buckle that clips around the waist-rim of your pants and tightens it by as much as 2 inches. The pros? You can use it on all sorts of pants and skirts, even ones without belt-loops… especially ones without belt loops. The Bucqle is also discrete, doesn’t involve wrapping your waist with a strip of leather or canvas, and by virtue of its metal construction, lasts a lifetime. The only con? That nobody ever thought of something this ingenious before.

If you’ve got a pair of pants on right now, perform this trick. Take your index and middle finger and make the victory sign (a ‘V’ shape). Now wedge your pant’s waist rim between both fingers so that you’ve got one finger in and another finger out. Now just turn your hand so that the fingers twist your pant’s waistline, tightening it. That’s essentially what the Bucqle does. It doesn’t hold your pants up, like a pair of suspenders, or form a noose around your hips like a belt… it just uses a clipping and twisting mechanism to tighten your pants around the waist.

A great way to radically redesign a product is to remove its most essential part and rework your design to still be functional. A great example is how the touchscreen smartphone ditched the tactile keyboard, or how the digital clock ditched the need for rotating hands, and it’s similarly how the Bucqle ditched the leather belt and became a better product without it. The Bucqle’s radical redesign isn’t just different, it’s exceptionally better. The Bucqle slips right into your pant and clamps shut, showing up as just a minimal-looking silver bar right above your pants. It works equally well with formal pants as it does with shorts, skirts, and even pajamas if you’re determined. The Bucqle’s adjustable design functions the way a belt does, but its flexibility lets you exactly control the tightness of your pants, unlike a belt, which usually has a pre-determined set of belt-holes. Its tiny size means it occupies a fraction of the space of a belt when you’re packing it into a suitcase, and its metal construction makes it out-last any given belt. Going the extra distance to ensure you feel comfortable wearing the Bucqle, it even comes with a rubberized back, to ensure the device holds its place and doesn’t slide around.

I’ll be honest, after seeing the Bucqle, it’s going to be hard going back to my belt. The Bucqle is, in every way, a better designed product. It’s smaller, lighter, more durable, works universally, is gender-neutral, and here’s the best part… it can be fastened and opened with a single hand!

Designers: Daan van der Lecq & Jasper Stas

Click Here to Buy Now: $47 $67 (30% Off).

Bucqle – Modern Replacement of your Belt

Belts can be bulky, uncomfortable, inevitably present and just a hassle. The Bucqle provides a universal perfect fit for all your pants and skirts. With its infinite adjustment system, Bucqle tightens your waistband by the millimeter, limited by 50mm. Don’t worry about fluctuating weight!

The Bucqle is made of premium watch Steelinox and is half the size of a credit card. The plain design offers endless possibilities for customization.

Slim design, perfect curve and infinitely adjustable.

Easily applicable, adjustable and removable.

A belt takes steps of 3-4 centimeters, while a Bucqle tightens over 2 confection sizes, with a maximum of 5 centimeters.


Available in Arctic Silver, Gun Metal & Oyster Gold

Click Here to Buy Now: $47 $67 (30% Off).