This hip-bag can seamlessly expand into a full-size backpack in under 10 seconds

It’s safe to say that the DUPLEX bags bring a rather new definition to the term ‘expansion packs’! With their unique shape-shifting design, DUPLEX’s bags can go from compact to spacious in roughly 5 seconds, covering a wide variety of use-cases. Maybe on some days you need a tiny shoulder-sling, on other days you need a backpack, and on some special days, you could use a duffle bag. Well, DUPLEX’s design was made to cover just that, with the way it’s built. The bags are designed in a way that they tuck into themselves, transforming into a new type of bag altogether. This essentially means you’ve got two types of bags in one single design, and that no matter what your needs are, the DUPLEX’s versatile build has you covered.

The DUPLEX series of bags come in two variants that transform into a total of four bags. You’ve got the DUPLEX ASCENT, which goes from a hip bag (or a fanny pack) into a full-size backpack, and the DUPLEX ROAM, which starts off as a compact cross-body bag but can expand up to 4 times in size into a large duffle bag for all your belongings. Designed for the spontaneous, versatile, and active traveler, the bags accommodate everything from the specifics for certain activities, to broad categories of luggage for longer trips. Even though both the bags are designed on the same philosophy of expansion, they’re suited to different traveler niches. The DUPLEX ASCENT starts off as a hip bag that’s perfect for EDC and regular commutes. Spacious enough for most of your essentials, the pack can be worn around the waist, slung on a shoulder, or strapped across for comfort. It comes with 5L of storage and has both internal as well as external compartments, along with an adjustable belt. One of those compartments conceals the ASCENT’s fold-out backpack, which when opened, takes its overall storage to a whopping 23.5L. The backpack is large enough to store your 13″ laptop among other belongings, and comes with all the trims and accessories, including two water-bottle pockets, multiple zippered compartments, adjustable shoulder-straps, breathable padded mesh, and a nice loop to hang your sunglasses.

The DUPLEX ROAM, on the other hand, is purpose-built for travel, working out, and training or playing on the court or at the field. In its small avatar, it exists as a nifty cross-body bag with 3L of storage that’s perfect for your sunglasses, headphones, and other EDC. However, a singular zipper helps the bag expand 5x into a duffle with 15L of storage. While the cross-body bag comes with a single adjustable shoulder-strap, the duffle sports a strap along with two easy-to-carry handles. Perfect for the gym or the courts, the duffle has multiple compartments on the side as well as a large compartment in the center for your gear, shoes, etc. A four-way stretchable mesh pocket is perfect for airing out any clothes you may have worn, and the bag even sports a pass-through handle to secure it to a travel case just in case you’re hitting the roads.

The secret sauce of both the DUPLEX ASCENT and ROAM lies in two things, the way they’re constructed, and the materials they use. Their ingenious foldable/flexible designs are definitely what make them such clever backpack designs, but that ingenuity is championed by their use of incredibly flexible and lightweight materials, notably the black 200D ripstop nylon outer clad, and the bright, high-visibility 68D ripstop nylon interiors. The benefit of the nylon fabric, aside from its flexibility and light weight, is also in its sheer durability and its water-resistant nature. The bags also come with bright orange interiors, making finding your gear easy in low-light settings, 3D warp-knit geometric meshes for breathability, adjustable padded straps for comfort, and two-way zippers with silicone zipper pulls.

The shapeshifting bags come from the clever folks at Afar & Away, a Portland-based outdoor brand aiming to make bags as versatile as the people carrying them. By existing in one of two avatars, DUPLEX’s bags have something for everyone, and if you ever feel like you’re running out of space, the bags expand nearly 5-fold to give you all the organized storage you ever wanted. The DUPLEX ASCENT is available at a Kickstarter early-bird price of $60, while the smaller DUPLEX ROAM is early-bird priced at just $40. The campaign ends in less than a week, so you may want to go ahead and ‘bag’ this while you can!

Designer: Cole Gerst | Afar & Away

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Duplex – Adaptable, Minimal & Versatile Bags

Designed for the modern traveler, outdoor enthusiast and urban explorer, the Duplex series are bags that transform in seconds.

The DUPLEX ASCENT hip pack can be worn around the waist or as a sling. It has a large storage compartment with organizational pockets, a key clip and a front zippered pocket. It converts into a full-size backpack in a matter of seconds, quadrupling in size and carrying capacity. While in backpack mode, you still have access to all the hip pack storage as well.

The DUPLEX ROAM crossbody bag has 2 outside quick access pockets and a large zippered interior storage compartment. The dual-adjustable shoulder strap is padded and has a breathable mesh for comfort. Access a hidden zipper on the bottom of the bag and transform this bag into a duffle bag in seconds. You now have over 5 times the storage capacity.


The DUPLEX ASCENT is lightweight, roomy and gives you multiple ways to carry.

Converting the DUPLEX ASCENT from a hip pack to a backpack is quick and easy.

The DUPLEX ASCENT bag converts quickly to hold a ton of gear.

In hip pack mode, you have quick access to organized storage.

The hip pack compartment is ample and provides divided organization when in backpack mode. The quick attachment loop is perfect for a bike light.

The belt is dual adjustable for maximum comfort. The hip pack belt can be neatly tucked away when not in use. The hip pack belt can be used to help offload weight from your shoulders when in backpack mode.

Multiple external 4-way stretch pockets for extra carrying capability. The large backpack compartment has a divider that can hold up to a 13″ laptop. Dual 4-way stretch water bottle pockets with cinch straps hold large and small bottles securely.


Lightweight, durable and versatile. Carry small and go big when you need it.

The DUPLEX ROAM in crossbody mode is compact, but holds all your daily essentials and more. Be spontaneous, the DUPLEX ROAM bag is ready to adapt on the go.

This little bag holds all this gear!

A front drop pocket provides quick, secure access. The primary crossbody storage compartment can hold larger items such as full-sized headphones.

A dual zippered top panel gives you access to the main crossbody organized storage. A 4-way stretch pocket with a cinch strap keeps water bottles in place.

The duffle compartment is accessed by a large zippered top opening. You still have access to the crossbody storage for divided organization. A zippered side pocket on the duffle provides more storage for items you need quickly. Attach the ROAM crossbody to the ASCENT backpack using the cinch straps for even more carrying capability.

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Click Here to Buy Now: $40 $60 ($20 off).