How often do you clean/disinfect your wallet and belongings? This self-sanitizing copper wallet keeps itself clean of germs

When was the last time you cleaned your wallet? I’ll answer for myself – never. My wallet’s made of denim, which sort of makes it easier to clean than a leather wallet… but in the 10 years I’ve used this wallet, I’ve never cleaned it. It just isn’t something that occurs to oneself, right? Leather shoes get polished, leather jackets get buffed/waxed, leather wallets? Not as much. In the years that you use the wallet, its leather ages and patinas over time, but it also gets dirty. It touches your hands multiple times a day, rests in your pocket, sits on foreign surfaces, and just is exposed to all the elements… which raises two questions. How do you even clean a leather wallet? Or more appropriately, is leather even the right material for wallets anymore?

Designer: Andrew Becker

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The Copper Clean Wallet is a self-sanitizing, antimicrobial copper wallet. Recent studies have shown that copper surfaces kill more than 99.9% of germs and microbes within minutes.

Can carry over 10 cards and 10+ notes without being a thick wallet.

Metal wallets have been around for a bit now. They’re sturdy, sleek, and just last longer than any other flexible wallet made from leather, denim, fabric, Tyvek, or any other synthetic material. They’re usually made out of aluminum, which is cheap and easy to machine, or titanium, which lasts centuries, although it’s slightly on the more expensive side… but I’m here to make the case for a copper wallet. You see, copper as a material is abundantly available and is pretty easy to work with. It has a lovely golden hue to it and perhaps its standout feature – it’s naturally biocidal. Often termed as the ‘oligodynamic effect’, copper has an inherent ability to just dismantle any microorganism, making it naturally anti-microbial. Andrew Becker, the designer of the Copper Clean Wallet, believes that a wallet made out of copper never really needs cleaning because it automatically sanitizes itself on its own… even after years of use.

Weighs in at a mere 3 oz making it both incredibly lightweight and durable.

The Copper Clean Wallet comes with a slick, highly polished exterior, and a spacious interior that holds over 10 cards and 10+ notes without expanding in thickness like a leather wallet. It’s about as thick as an AirPods case, making it perfectly pocket-friendly, and aside from being able to self-disinfect, it blocks RFID too, keeping you safe from digital theft. A simple metal clasp keeps the wallet compact and shut, allowing you to pop it open when you need, and the inside of the wallet is equipped with a bellow-shaped pocket system that fans open when you pop open the wallet, letting you easily access your cards and cash when you need them. The wallet lasts longer than traditional flexible bifolds, and never really needs any maintaining, because it automatically cleans itself!

Click Here to Buy Now: $67 $120 (44% off). Hurry, exclusive Deal for YD readers only!