Projections for Autism

Choosing to be a teacher for kids and adults on the Autistic spectrum for your profession is a fabulously noble thing to do. It can be frustrating though, for the same reasons being any sort of adventurer, archeologist, or scientist can be frustrating: there are things we just don’t know. More research is being done every day on Autism, and new things are being discovered daily, too! How should we continue to latch on to an understanding of this disorder all night and party every day? Sixthsense!

What better way to work on an ever-evolving impairment to social interaction and communication than to project the way? Similar to the other Sixthsense object we just posted, SixthSense for Search and Rescue, this projects and is made to work right along with, inside, easily incorporated into the lives we already live.

This device is small, about the size of a sliced-bread sandwich, and it projects onto the ground, or whatever’s in front of you, letting you know what’s up in many different ways and in many different situations.

In this tiny gesture, in this tiny device, a person who might otherwise struggle to get through a normal day’s routine might have the opportunity to bring themselves the joy of being self-reliant.

NOTE: I know there are several people (if not a large group of people) who visit Yanko and have some pretty heavy ideas about Autism and Autism-related objects, so don’t be shy if you’ve got some comments for the designer!

Also check out this brief video narrated by the designer himself!

Designer: Timothy Byrne

SixthSense for Autism by Timothy Byrne