Futuristic Electric Automobiles designed to tear down the EV industry barriers, just like Mercedes’ latest launch!

The age of petroleum and diesel is slowly coming to an end, and electric vehicles are reigning supreme! The electric automotives being designed today, are not only a boon to the environment, but they’re also sleeker and better looking than ever. Futuristic technology combined with electrifying looks, and not to mention they completely eliminate the use of fossil fuels! And, we’ve curated some of the coolest EVs we’ve come across recently. From an electric Apple SUV to a muscular Ford Mustang Mach-F concept – these electric vehicles are completely tearing down the barriers of the automobile industry!

Peisert’s Concept One embodies all the good aspects of Apple (and a few unsavory ones) into a design that’s meant for the entire family. It’s a luxury car, but it isn’t a sedan. Instead, the Apple One is a one-for-all sort of SUV that accommodates 4 or more people pretty spaciously. Its proportions (and especially that headlight) feel slightly like a cross between the Tesla Cybertruck and the Rivian SUV. The design is mildly angular but doesn’t come with any edgy surfaces or straight lines. Instead, everything curves rather organically… a feature also seen in the continuous curves found on Apple products.

The Ford Mustang Mach-E was only a Mustang because Ford labeled it as one. On all other fronts, it was missing that iconic wild-horse character. Emre Husmen’s Mach-F concept (created as a successor to the Mach-E) attempts at righting those wrongs. For starters, it embraces the design language of both the Mach-E and the fuel-powered Mustangs before it. Its side-view silhouette feels distinctly modern while looking like a progression, an evolution of Ford’s contemporary cars. It’s much more low-slung than the Mach-E (which almost felt like a compact SUV), and embraces the 2015 Mustang’s overall style, but with a 4-door setup.

An electric Lamborghini needs to be ferocious, but not in the same way a gasoline-powered Lamborghini is… a design brief Andrea Ortile hopes to demonstrate and explore with his conceptual electric Lamborghini E_X. Unlike fuel-powered engines, which have a reputation for being dirty energy, electric drivetrains are much cleaner, from a sustainability and impact perspective. This very distinction carries forward to the Lamborghini E_X, which comes with a clean, pristine design that’s characterized by two swooping lines that define its side profile. The E_X balances this clean minimalism very well with its signature raging-bull aggressive demeanor.

“We designed every aspect of the Lucid Air and its platform in-house to be hyper-efficient, from the powertrain to the aerodynamics, and we’ve set several new benchmarks. With our ultra-high voltage 900V+ electrical architecture and the proprietary Wunderbox, we have significantly increased the speed of energy getting into, around, and even out of the vehicle, delivering the world’s fastest charging EV packed with future-ready charging features,” says Eric Bach, VP of Hardware Engineering, Lucid Motors. Say goodbye to range anxiety and long hours of charging. Lucid Air also comes with its own intelligent technology called the Air which will keep your smart lifestyle integrated with your rides. “An onboard virtual assistant tracks usage patterns and preferences, integrating seamlessly with your digital life. Everything is tuned to your liking, from cueing up your favorite music to set the perfect temperature for your arrival home.” says the team. Using this system, it lets you control key vehicle features no matter where you are seated in the car.

The Ferrari F413 by Shane Baxley looks like the kind of hypercar that would make its way out of Maranello in the year 2051. The F413 comes with a unique split-body design that features a single-seater cockpit that virtually looks like it’s floating on ints 4 wheels. Baxley told Yanko Design that his prime objective was to explore creating multiple forms and parts that united to form the perception of a single-vehicle. He opted for a fluid design language to make the forms flow into each other rather than look like a bunch of jagged masses strapped together, and while there’s something rather McLaren-ish about that design decision, the F413 still looks every bit a Ferrari… although who can really say what the raging bull’s design language will be thirty-odd years from now?

The Hexagon Jeep by Gwi Design is created for such future expeditions, where the highly hostile conditions demand a stellar off-roader. The electric Jeep adopts a hexagon design geometry since it is proven to be one of the most robust known shapes. The vehicle’s namesake, a jeep, is justified by the colossal ground clearance for the hostile terrain of the region. The approach and departure angles of the Hexagon Jeep make complete sense too. To make the ride as smooth as possible for the researchers, it has independent shock absorbers. The vehicle comes with removable battery packs on the back, which can be swapped for charged ones in an instant.

While this looks like a fusion of Batmobile and Batcycle with a very peculiar styling, this trike is destined to hit the roads in late 2023. The two-seater electric car has a very go-kart-ish feel to it, but it’s more than just a mere prototype by Toronto-based light EV maker, Daymak who’s been in the business for almost two decades now. The automaker has announced the Spiritus three-wheeled EV as an inclusion to the Avvenire series that includes the Terra off-road electric bike and the Skyrider flying EV. The front of the vehicle is styled like a two-seater compact car, and the rear has a single wheel – giving it a trike-like character, making it the right choice for the future of mobility.

The French automaker wants to democratize electric cars in Europe with their Renault 5 prototype – an all-electric car inspired by their retro model the R5! The Renault 5 prototype is a compact city ride that takes the best from one of Renault’s most successful cars and gives it a 100% electric twist to fit the future. The R5 was sold as the LeCar and was a popular hatchback in 1972. The design balances the retro aesthetics with the modern elements so they don’t overpower each other. The bold yellow highlights give it a playful essence. You can see some strong features from the original vehicle incorporated in the Renault 5 prototype which is evident in the chosen finishes and materials right from its boxy wheel arches and flat sides to its tilted C-pillar. “The design of the Renault 5 prototype is based on the R5, a cult model of our heritage. This prototype simply embodies modernity, a vehicle relevant to its time: urban, electric, attractive,” says Gilles Vidal, Renault Design Director.

Designed by Valencia-based designer Nacho Alfonso García, the self-balancing electric scooter on a single wheel belongs to the genre of Onewheel electric skateboard, RYNO Micro-Cycle, and many other upcoming similar designs. One advantage with Baiku is its balanced size ratio for badass riders and I’m assuming there is some space for storage inside this single-wheeled commuter. This commuter is targeted towards the next-gen crowd with a boxy design (a bit too boxy) that could have got the sharp flowing lines to be frank. Perhaps the designer wanted to infuse the Cyberpunk vibe for this creation, but anyways, I’m not complaining.

The trailer’s angular design is well-suited for your Tesla Cybertruck, and it is not just about the sharp looks! P17A trailer comes with floor integrated batteries capable of storing 12kWh of electricity when needed. Much attention has been given to the temperature variation inside the cabin to keep energy requirements down to the minimum. That’s achieved with the true foam-core structure providing insulation of 8.7″ EPS – thereby shunning out the need to use a 5000 BTU air conditioner in summers or an electric heater in chilling winter. Add to that the 520W solar panels on the roof, and you’ve got a trailer that doesn’t suck solely on the battery power of your electric vehicle. On top of that, the whole structure is designed aerodynamically to reduce drag, and the weight is minimized optimally. That improves your electric vehicle’s overall mileage when a trailer is towed behind for the whole trip.