New Balance’s newest sustainable kicks are created from leftover surplus material!

New Balance’s Test Run Program, to be honest, is quite interesting! It is dedicated to testing and experimenting with new and innovative performance footwear. The latest result of this program is Seth Maxwell’s Test Run PRJ 3.0. Created at the New Balance Global Design Center, the shoe was created by leveraging and utilizing surplus materials.

The bold colorful sneakers are made from recycled materials, basically leftover scraps from other New Balance products! An existing sole was taken and a sustainable upper built was crafted around it. Since each pair is a combination of different recycled materials, each shoe is completely unique. Every element of the shoe is built using surplus factory-floor materials. The sock liner, cushioning pellets, upper mesh, and webbing all use leftover cutoffs. The Ecostep Vibram outsole contains 30% recycled material.

Pink, yellow, green, blue and red are some of the brights colors visible in the sneakers. The limited-edition sneakers are completely quirky, vibrant and fun, and not to mention super sustainable! In a time and age, where everyone is getting eco-conscious, it’s critical for the sportswear industry to reduce their carbon footprint as well. With the Test Run PRJ 3.0, New Balance has taken a step forward in the right direction. They’re a must-have for all sneakerheads!

Designer: Seth Maxwell for New Balance