This smart frame is a full spectrum grow light that helps you achieve all your indoor gardening aspirations!

If you have a green thumb and a deep love for plants, but find your modern apartment too dim to nurture your beloved plants, then this frame-shaped full spectrum grow light is the one for you!

Designed by Modern Sprout, the Smart Landscape Growframe is a minimal frame that can be mounted on any wall on your home, and whose functionality is more complex than its simple looks! It nourishes all kinds of plants – from ones that seek low light, to ones that seek bright light.

Once mounted on a wall, you can slide your favorite plants into the Growframe, and connect to the Modern Sprout app. The app is a complete godsend! The app features an on/off switch and can be used for customizable programming and pairing recommendations for partial shade, partial sun, and full sun plants. You can easily select and switch between light settings.

Using LEDs with a long lifespan, the Growframe produces a natural white light, that supports the healthy growth of a variety of plants, such as jade, types of ferns, crotons, alocasia to even flavorful herbs and leafy greens! If you love your salad greens and microgreens, then this frame is perfect for growing them as well. All you need is a 2.4GHz wifi network for the Growframe to function!

Guaranteed to work for almost 25,000 hours, the Smart Landscape Growframe helps you create a miniature garden within your own home. You can create different natural landscapes, from a desert-scape to a tropical paradise, depending upon the kind of plants you choose to grow!

Designer: Modern Sprout

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