The Ferrari F413 is a single-seat electric hypercar concept with an outrageously futuristic design

Created as a styling exercise that aimed at amping up Ferrari’s aesthetics to radical levels, the Ferrari F413 by Shane Baxley looks like the kind of hypercar that would make its way out of Maranello in the year 2051.

The F413 comes with a unique split-body design that features a single-seater cockpit that virtually looks like it’s floating on ints 4 wheels. Baxley told Yanko Design that his prime objective was to explore creating multiple forms and parts that united to form the perception of a single vehicle. He opted for a fluid design language to make the forms flow into each other rather than look like a bunch of jagged masses strapped together, and while there’s something rather McLaren-ish about that design decision, the F413 still looks every bit a Ferrari… although who can really say what the raging bull’s design language will be thirty-odd years from now?

The car’s multiple panels come together, forming a hypercar that’s greater than the sum of its many parts. Everything sits on what looks like a carbon-fiber chassis, keeping the vehicle light and nimble. The front fenders, if you can really call them that, incorporate the headlights, and are connected to each other via a thin strip that runs along the base of the car. The single-seater cockpit sits as an independent mass, giving you the impression of being disconnected from the asphalt below you. Baxley mentions that the bubble-shaped cockpit’s even supposed to rotate left or right as the car turns, creating even more thrill as you drive. Side-wings located behind the cockpit help move/direct the air-flow as the car moves, and the rear fenders exist as semi-separate entities too, finally capped off with the iconic circular Ferrari taillights. The name F413, is in memory of Baxley’s mother’s birthday.

The interiors are just about as insane as the exteriors. The car seats just one, with a five-point harness holding you in place as you maneuver this hunk of metal and carbon-fiber with the racecar-style yoke steering wheel. The wheel comes with a tiny screen that acts as the car’s dashboard, not only displaying speed, velocity, and engine details, but also allowing you to choose between the car’s 3 driving modes – Track, Wet, and Pazzo.

It’s only natural for such an outrageous concept to have an electric drivetrain. Some speculate that a motor in each of the hypercar’s four wheels would make the most sense, giving the futuristic automobile a combination of power and control.

Designer: Shane Baxley