This self-balancing Honda electric scooter redefines futuristic urban commuting

Monowheel commuters have gained traction lately, and I personally just love the idea. That is if they are equipped with the self-balancing tech, otherwise, they are a risky affair! These single-wheeled vehicles for solo travel in the city limits are a wise idea for the future that is brimmed with vehicles (if already it isn’t bad), so why not look ahead of things. The Honda Baiku electric mobility scooter gives us a vision of the near future where one-wheeled scooters will whiz past us on the streets for a practical source of commuting.

Designed by Valencia-based designer Nacho Alfonso García, the self-balancing electric scooter on a single wheel belongs to the genre of Onewheel electric skateboard, RYNO Micro-Cycle, and many other upcoming similar designs. One advantage with Baiku is its balanced size ratio for badass riders and I’m assuming there is some space for storage inside this single-wheeled commuter. This commuter is targeted towards the next-gen crowd with a boxy design (a bit too boxy) that could have got the sharp flowing lines to be frank. Perhaps the designer wanted to infuse the Cyberpunk vibe for this creation, but anyways, I’m not complaining.

The ride has got a flat seat that retracts back into the chassis to save space while being parked for a minimum visible footprint in crowded spaces. Then comes the very high-tech display running from the top section to the lower frame. The upper section displays all the important heads-up information while the sliding section shows smartphone-connected apps like Spotify and all the vital things like phone dialer and the phone’s mirrored interface. Upfront Baiku has a big array of LED headlights to make things on the road crystal clear in the dark.

Designer: Nacho Alfonso García