Lamborghini’s design language will have to evolve as it transitions towards electric vehicles

Gone are the era of guzzling fuel, of dirty engines, of the raging bull. An electric Lamborghini needs to be ferocious, but not in the same way a gasoline-powered Lamborghini is… a design brief Andrea Ortile hopes to demonstrate and explore with his conceptual electric Lamborghini E_X.

Unlike fuel-powered engines, which have a reputation of being dirty energy, electric drivetrains are much cleaner, from a sustainability and impact perspective. This very distinction carries forward to the Lamborghini E_X, which comes with a clean, pristine design that’s characterized by two swooping lines that define its side profile. The E_X balances this clean minimalism very well with its signature raging-bull aggressive demeanor.

The car’s aesthetic edginess isn’t too literal, but its incredibly slim headlights sure give it that angry appearance. The familiar Lamborghini cues are phased out (because this is an evolution), like the Y-shaped taillights or the hexagonal air-intakes on the front, but the overall silhouette of the car is unmistakeably Lamborghini. The car even ditches the vibrant warm-hued paint job for something more slick and dark… and opts out of the clear windshield and windows for a new kind of perforated film that gives it the ‘no-glass’ effect from the outside, but lets the driver on the inside view everything through the perforations (it’s all speculative, mind you).

The cockpit (and its access) is pretty unique too. The E_X seats just one, in a centrally aligned pilot-style interior. The car opens up like a fighter-plane too, with the front (the entire hood) lifting forwards, and top of the car sliding backward to give the driver access through the sides. When seated, a five-strap seatbelt keeps the driver in place, while a jet-inspired dashboard and steering wheel let you operate the electric beast, racing it down the tarmac at barrier-breaking speeds!

Designer: Andrea Ortile