This Tesla Cybertruck worthy battery-operated trailer promises energy efficiency for electric vehicles!

Hooking a trailer to your petrol or diesel-powered vehicle doesn’t have much effect on your planned journeys, but when an electric car has to tow one, it dramatically affects the range, and you have to find charging stations to juice it up time and again. The current trailers on the market can be a range-killer for your electric vehicle! If you always wanted a camper trailer for your Tesla, specially built for the purpose, your wish is granted! Glendale, California-based Polydrops has been designing trailers for the last four years, and now they’ve come up with a P17A camper that your EV’s going to love. The trailer’s angular design is well-suited for your Tesla Cybertruck, and it is not just about the sharp looks!

P17A trailer comes with floor integrated batteries capable of storing 12kWh of electricity when needed. Much attention has been given to the temperature variation inside the cabin to keep energy requirements down to the minimum. That’s achieved with the true foam-core structure providing insulation of 8.7″ EPS – thereby shunning out the need to use a 5000 BTU air conditioner in summers or an electric heater in chilling winter. Add to that the 520W solar panels on the roof, and you’ve got a trailer that doesn’t suck solely on the battery power of your electric vehicle. On top of that, the whole structure is designed aerodynamically to reduce drag, and the weight is minimized optimally. That improves your electric vehicle’s overall mileage when a trailer is towed behind for the whole trip.

Polydrops has tested the P17A trailer with Tesla Model 3 for long-range mileage on a round trip from Los Angeles to Lone Pine at an average speed of 55-60 mph. The figures looked impressive as the duo managed a 245 miles range on a single charge. Now that is impressive, considering a trailer was tagged along the whole trip to the Tesla Model 3 EV, saving the driver from charging time and again during the trip. On the inside, the trailer is airy and comfy enough for two people – it has all the essential amenities one would demand, ample charging sockets, a king-size mattress, and an optional kitchenette module accessible from the inside as well as outside. The doors on all three sides are gull-winged, so that’s another cool addition to the whole package. It has to be said that if you do want to bet on a trailer for your Tesla or any other EV, you very well put your money on the Polydrops P17A!

Designer: Polydrops