Home gyms designed to complement your IKEA furniture and meet your health + fitness goals!

With the pandemic restricting most of us to our homes, going to the gym daily isn’t really an option anymore. Add the work from home culture to this situation; the result is basically just us sitting about in our home all day. As a result, we aren’t running about as we usually would, nor are we really able to get any regular exercise done. An innovative solution to this problem is home gyms! Home gyms ensure that we work out and maintain our physique within the comforts of our own home. We don’t need to step out nor stress about the cons of stepping out, and we can slip into our gym attire and get our daily workout done right in our own home. So, we’ve curated a collection of unique, super functional, and innovative home gym designs that’ll ensure you don’t use the pandemic as an excuse to skip out on your workout anymore! It’s time to get fit and healthy with these designs.

Oliver Perretta’s Kondition was inspired by a piece of furniture that actually resembles a standard workout bench, IKEA’s BEKANT series. Both IKEA’s BEKANT and Perretta’s Kondition have similar personalities. They appear as modest, simple furniture designs whose true essence shines through in their ability to blend into any given room. At first, an unassuming side bench or low-rise table during living room hours, and then an adjustable home workout with a sliding bench come gym time. Perretta was certain to make bullnose corners for Kondition’s workout station to enhance both the piece’s adaptive nature and its approachability in its inherent baby-proof design. Additionally, Perretta plans to utilize aluminum extrusion in any eventual construction process to ensure a high strength to weight ratio for more intense workouts. Stamped panels also make for easy and deep cleaning so that job won’t ever feel stressful after a good sweat.

A space-saving work + workout setup designed for your mind & body! It has been one year of WFH, and we all have quickly realized the need for furniture that can serve dual purposes and optimize space when working at home/living at work. Especially for the urban demographic that lives in compact apartments, it is challenging to create a home office and have space left for exercise equipment – another lifestyle change we have adapted to! This innovative desk design uses wall bars at its core with modular attachments that let you use it as your 9-5 set up and then transform it into beast mode. Made in Germany, wall bars offer an extensive range of possible variations. In addition to many training options, the combination offers a functional workplace. The desk module is attached in a few seconds, without tools. The height is flexible so that it can be used as a desk or as a high table. After work, the desk module can simply be unhooked and folded in to be stowed behind the wall bars, under the bed, or behind the door. With additions like the slide, the kids can find their movement-compensation on the wall bars even after work. These setups work for the whole family, and the wooden finish lets it seamlessly blend with any interior aesthetic.

NordicTrack Vault comes in and literally aids you with the training at a professional athlete’s level, thanks to the iFit trainers enrolled with the platform. This smart home workout equipment combines technology, practical usage, and professional challenges only a trainer can throw at you to get fitter by the day. The freestanding smart mirror comes with storage space inside for all your dumbbells, kettlebells, resistance bands, and anything else for which space is left. You can call it an all-in-one smart fitness studio with an integrated 32-inch HD touchscreen cum mirror. So, as you select your training programs and follow the trainer’s instructions on-screen, you can actually keep an eye on the correct form of any exercise.

No drilling or screwing is required to fit the wall bars onto any door in your house – making them the ideal option for rented apartments or hostels. The exercise equipment extends well beyond its wall bar advantage. It can be used for sling training, stretching regimes, or isolated muscle training on the cheap. There are countless options to configure it, so you are never bored of repeating the same exercise. The FatMonkey wall bar also combines with your existing fitness bands, sling trainer, and gymnastic rings for circuit and functional training.


The biggest advantage of the WalkingPad S1 is that it saves 95% space when folded up and also when compared to a treadmill without compromising on the workout. It has been redesigned to fit more people and more scenarios that come with a flexible life. It is also 20 lbs lighter and takes up to 45% less space than the older model. In addition, I love that it has a noise reduction feature so that it can be accommodated in different rooms without disturbance. “Equipped with premium materials of the frame and the running belt, we aim to deliver the best workout experience at your home. Wake up to a morning walk at home when it’s raining or burn some calories before going to bed; WalkingPad S1 is your perfect solution to an efficient and effective daily exercise – anytime, anywhere,” says the team.

Shard Exercycle, designed by Analogy Design, is crafted to focus more on aesthetics and function rather than the statistics that are displayed upfront. The brass metal outer frame encapsulates the fiberglass body with the pedals, handlebar, and seat to give the bike a pleasing form factor that you would actually want to flaunt. According to Arun Kumar, the lead product designer at Analogy, “The challenge here was to bring about a sculptural quality in the product using the right materials but also maintaining a balance between both the physical and digital experiences of the product.” The design phase of the bike was centered on ergonomic comfort and the flexibility to fit people of different heights and body measurements. Once that was sorted, the design team proceeded with the layout of biofeedback interactions to light up the whole body that conveys the workout intensity in real-time. Combine that with the heart rate and speed sensors built-in, and Shard Exercycle communicates the data with the compatible app to do all the fancy analysis.

Since physical fitness has become integral to our daily routines, the purpose behind Stoyka aims to strike a balance in using living spaces as fitness studios. In finding that harmony, the designers behind Stoyka integrated a storage system into the power rack, which slides out from behind the power rack’s rear wall. These sliding racks carry enough room to store the power rack’s barbells, round weighted plates, as well as rack accessories like support beams and spotter’s arms. Interchangeable by design, the Stoyka seamlessly blends into any home or office space simply by sliding the hidden storage panels behind the power rack’s rear wall. Equipped with the means for strength HIIT training and balance and flexibility exercises, Stoyka comes complete with reinforced racks, hooks, safety stops, crossbars, and removable wall bars.

Our modern lifestyle involves being stationary in one position for long hours, which is unhealthy, and Pluching was created as an organic solution that brings more movement! The time spent sitting in one place has increased so much ever since the pandemic began because all we do is work from home and then watch Netflix at home. This can cause turtle neck syndrome, shoulder pain, back pain, and unhealthy stiffness, which you can minimize using stretching equipment like Pluching. The idea was to design exercise equipment that gives the effect of band exercise and stretching but could clip-on on the back of your chair for ease. Pluching uses a powerful neodymium magnet embedded in a silicon clip to secure the equipment and give you stability.

Designed to adapt to your flexible lifestyle, the NOVA lets you transform your health and body no matter where you are without needing to go to a gym. Instead, the single exercise device is a heavy-duty portable gym that uses high resistance to provide total body strength training at home, office, or on the go. “The NOVA Gym provides up to 40lbs (18kg) of resistance in each hand in all planes of movement, yet only weighs 2.5lbs (1.12Kg) and folds up to go anywhere,” says Paul Francis who created the design and is also an architect, industrial designer, and inventor.

The team behind G-Wall designed their home gym specifically to be stored behind a closet or armoire cabinet’s door. That way, the time that you would have spent making room for your home fitness system instead is spent actually putting it to use. G-Wall’s Home Fitness System has several standout features: variable modules, user-adjustability, and compatibility, to name a few. Each user decides on which modules they want to comprise the larger system. This means that G-Wall’s design makes it possible to incorporate a home gym anywhere despite the amount of space in your home. The different modules that users can decide on range from cardiovascular equipment to free weights and even heavy training. The gear that comes with each module is stored in cabinets or racks that easily hang behind doors or however the user deems appropriate for their personal space.