This framed disassembled iPhone 5 makes the perfect gift for any tech-lover

As an industrial designer myself, there’s definitely art in the way products are designed, engineered, and crafted together. More so, when the products are pulled apart so you can marvel at the level of intricacy gone into putting it together. Take the iPhone for example, one of the most iconic products of our time. Ask anyone what they think of the iPhone and a hefty percentage of them will say it looks beautiful for sure (some may use the word expensive too), but nobody knows what it looks like on the inside.

Indie art-studio GRID is creating artpieces from these electronics by revealing their, well, inner beauty. The iPhone 5 Framed Edition has a carefully dismantled, arranged, and labeled unit of the smartphone, showing every single component that comes together to form the iconic smartphone. On either side of the display unit lie the front and back, the Gorilla glass display and the machined Aluminum chassis. In between lie the battery, the main board, the different modules, buttons, even the camera, speaker, and the SIM tray! There’s definitely a certain beauty to the iPhone’s complexity, like looking at a da Vinci painting up close so you can see every single brushstroke, crack in the paint, and the canvas texture. If you’re a tech-lover, futurist, and nerd like me, this is no less than looking at the Mona Lisa! Obviously, the phones come pre-loved (used), so expect minor wear and tear.

Designer: GRID