Bring Back Memories. Not Sand.

Ever gone to the beach only to carry half your weight in sand back with you? Beach bags are rather handy and convenient, however, they really love sand. Sand, mud, grit, all of it just gets into all your belongings, forming a lining on the inside of your bag, scratching your expensive sunglasses, creeping into your gadgets, and getting into nooks and crannies… forever.

I honestly didn’t know that there could be something I’d call the ‘perfect beach bag’. Shame on me, I guess, for not having identified this problem before. The Dezzio takes on a complete holistic problem-solving approach, identifying problems large and small with beach bags, and therefore rising above the competition as the most appropriate and functional beach bag ever made. Not only does it rid itself of sand, it shuns water, organizes your belongings, and comes with its own share of delightful surprises that make it the best bag to have outdoors.

The Dezzio’s pièce de résistance is its outer design that comprises a water-repellent fabric, keeping waves, splashes of water, and misty sprays away from your belongings, as well as a sand-exit mesh at the bottom, concealed by a flap. When the flap is opened, any sand that may have gotten into your bag makes its exit through the mesh at the bottom. A few quick shakes and your bag is cleaner, and lighter too!

However, this isn’t all that makes the Dezzio a consciously designed miracle-bag. It compartmentalizes the space inside itself beautifully, making easy-to-reach pockets for everything from magazines, to lotions, to sunglasses, and even comes with a pocket containing a reusable waterproof pouch for your wet beachwear. An electronics pouch on the inside keeps your phone well away from humidity and sand, while the Dezzio even includes 2 USB ports, allowing you to charge your phone and/or tablet within the bag. However, that’s just on the inside. On the outside it has a separate longitudinal pocket for flip-flops, straps for securing your rolled up beach towel, and even an insulated cooler-pocket for your chilled beer or fruit juice. To top things off, the cooler pocket’s zip incorporates a bottle-opener, because innovation literally has no boundaries!

The Dezzio presents itself in three unique styles, united by the same thought-process and features. Having already shipped to over 40 countries, the Dezzio has been one of the rare few products to have received immensely positive feedback, with backers making second and third pledges for the bag. The Dezzio may be the most ideal for the beach, but users are swearing by it, using it for everything from shopping, to picnics, to even the gym… because just like innovation, a good product know no boundaries!

Designer: Aditi Agarwal

BUY NOW: $59.00 $79.00



Classic Style: A minimal design tote which never goes out of style. Colorful canvas lends a cheerful feel and is a perfect bag for summer days.



Signature Style: Inspired by sailor stripes, it embraces the beautiful summertime atmosphere. Crafted with durable canvas and accented with leather straps for an elevated finish.


Duffle Style: A true versatile bag, this duffle brings a fresh style to carry your beach items and also be your everyday bag / gym bag.







BUY NOW: $59.00 $79.00