Get a full-body workout without using weights with this NASA-backed portable gym

Its been about three months since everyone has been working from home due to quarantine. While places are starting to slowly open up, some like movie theatres, concert halls and gyms still remain high-risk places. You can watch all the movies on Netflix, the closest you can get to a concert is having an amazing speaker that blasts tunes with your five friends while remaining socially distant, and as for having a full-body workout, you can get the OYO NOVA that brings the gym to your hands – literally!

Designed to adapt to your flexible lifestyle, the NOVA lets you transform your health and body no matter where you are without needing to go to a gym. The single exercise device is a heavy-duty portable gym that uses high resistance to provide total body strength training at home, office, or on the go. “The NOVA Gym provides up to 40lbs (18kg) of resistance in each hand in all planes of movement, yet only weighs 2.5lbs (1.12Kg) and folds up to go anywhere,” says Paul Francis who created the design and is also an architect, industrial designer, and inventor.

The team uses their patented SpiraFlex technology that provides weightless resistance and was actually the first resistive exercise device used in space (NASA iRED) – Francis is truly an inventor because his technology is ‘out of this world’! SpiraFlex feels smooth and linear like free-weights, without the weight or momentum. The stainless steel cables have been coated with nylon to remain durable for long-term use with high resistance. The handles have been redesigned from their first model and have been upgraded to a T-shape with steel inserts for a better grip.

“The NOVA Gym is the only fitness device that provides abduction and adduction during a single exercise movement, building a balanced workout in less time. Also, as it does not require the vertical of gravity, you can perform exercises in all planes of movement, without extra equipment like a bench,” explains Nick Bolton, OYO Fitness Director. You can do all your traditional gym exercises like back and chest fly, biceps and triceps, shoulder raise and press, lateral pulldown, rowing, ab crunches, back extensions, and more with their guided workout videos.

Portable gyms are the future of our flexible lifestyle as they deliver the same results without taking up space as the traditional workout equipment and saving a lot of costs! It makes fitness and gym training more accessible to everyone. The weightless resistance reduces the risk of joint issues and also provides more movement than resistance bands. NOVA is expandable and can change with your fitness levels. It enables you to do over 100 exercises all from the comfort of your space so that you don’t have to choose between safety and fitness during these complex times. If it is good enough for NASA astronauts, then it is more than good enough for us!

Designer: Paul Francis

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