This multifunctional coffee table transforms into a sitting bench and more furniture to save you space!

Saving space in tiny homes should be considered a sport. Finding the right furniture and storage organizers can take a while, but the wait is always worth it once the right pieces come along. One way to save space is by choosing multifunctional furniture like the & Chair from Taiwan-based designer Shin Chen, a piece of furniture that blends storage into a coffee table that doubles as a high stool and bench.

Inspired by the shape of the ampersand, & Chair flows into a natural shape, handmade from a collection of sustainable materials like felt and ash wood. & Chair can be positioned in different placements to change its use‒from upright to horizontal, the & Chair changes function as it changes position. When placed upright, the & Chair morphs into a standing coat rack with ample drawer storage, where smaller items like magazines and umbrellas can be stored. Then, users can bring the & Chair down, allowing it to work as a coffee table with storage space made available through a slot-and-rack system, where magazines and coffee table books can be kept. The & Chair can also always work as a bench when placed horizontally, making for an inviting entryway sitting bench where you can tie your shoes or a more discreet seating area for overflow in the living room.

Modeled after the ampersand, the & Chair’s name is symbolic for its multifunctionality, bringing out its chameleonic personality. Designed from warm, natural wood, the & Chair enhances each living space with a hint of abstract Scandinavian design marked by its wooden structure and unique shape that changes with each of its different uses.

Designer: Shin Chen

The & Chair functions as a coffee table, storage organizer, and sitting bench, making it an ideal piece of multifunctional furniture for small living spaces.

Using a slot-and-rack storage method, magazines and coffee table books can be stored in the & Chair when its placed horizontally on the floor.

When positioned upright, the & Chair can work as standing coat rack.

Moving from upright to horizontal, the position of the & Chair defines its use.

The & Chair is hand constructed from sustainable building material is felt and ash wood.