This IKEA inspired bench holds a home gym while merging with your living room interiors!

Stuck inside with quarantine, we’ve all had to get creative when it comes to staying healthy, but with working out indoors, it’s hard to not feel distracted by all the clutter from our home gym equipment. Our living rooms get left with little to no walking room because dumbbells get scattered across the floor and yoga mats and resistance bands take over closets and coat-racks. Our homes have turned into micro-networks of all the businesses we had once frequented daily. Oliver Perretta, having had enough of it too, recently designed Kondition, a flexible piece of home fitness furniture, in order to maintain the comfort of our home all while providing a solution for those who want to remain physically active.

Kondition was inspired by a piece of furniture that actually resembles a standard workout bench, IKEA’s BEKANT series. Both IKEA’s BEKANT and Perretta’s Kondition have similar personalities as they appear as modest, simple furniture designs whose true essence shines through in their ability to blend into any given room. At first, an unassuming side bench or low-rise table during living room hours, and then, an adjustable home workout with a sliding bench come gym time. Perretta was certain to make bullnose corners for Kondition’s workout station in order to enhance both the piece’s adaptive nature and its approachability in its inherent baby-proof design. Additionally, Perretta plans to utilize aluminum extrusion in any eventual construction process as that would ensure a high strength to weight ratio for more intense workouts. Stamped panels also make for easy and deep cleaning so that job won’t ever feel stressful after a good sweat.

The pull-out drawer is perhaps Kondition’s defining feature as this solves the problem of home gym equipment taking up too much space. On the planning surrounding Kondition’s drawer feature, Perretta says, “The drawer in this concept utilizes load-bearing rails of 100kg plus and small castors on the underside to make pulling the drawer out easy.” Along with Kondition’s drawer frame, Perretta integrated fixtures all around the bench that will allow users to perform resistance band movements such as rows, bicep curls, tricep extensions, and lateral raises. From the more disguised features such as the fixtures and hooks to the ample storage space given by the drawer, and then to the casual, yet durable upholstery that fits into living rooms and office spaces alike, giving your workouts that plush, extra comfort sometimes needed – Kondition, as Perretta remarks,  is as “adaptable both functionally and aesthetically.”

Designer: Oliver Perretta