This retractable office solution provides privacy and isolation for remote work and WFH days!

Working from home has tested our staying power regarding prying eyes and peering over our shoulders. Whether it’s a matter of peeling away from your kids for an office call or muting yourself to keep the background noises from promoting you to Zoom speaker, a little private time is always needed. While many designs have come from the pandemic to help us with working from home, not too many first looked to privacy for inspiration. From Dizz Concept, designers have created the Office Shell, a compact workstation with retractable sliding panels that morph the booth into a private cubicle.

An interior furnishing brand, Dizz Concept creates innovative solutions for small spaces with a focus on sustainability. Dizz Concept set out to design a convertible working booth that provides privacy to reduce distractions and enhance working conditions for an energized workflow. The current office solutions to come out of the pandemic and work-from-home movement tackle noise levels through acoustic barriers and run too big to fit into small living spaces. The creators at Dizz Concept designed Office Shell as a workstation solution that can entirely enclose to manage noise levels and get some privacy while only taking up a total of 4 m2 of office space. In addition to the Office Shell providing privacy for quiet and remote working, the retractable panels work to keep the spread of airborne viruses at bay.

Many office space solutions to come out of the past year were born from the struggles that come from the pandemic having us work from home. Office Shell’s innovation hinges on its versatility and the privacy it provides by creating a physical barrier between workers and airborne viral infections. Entirely made from natural and recyclable materials, Office Shell was created following biophilic design principles to maintain Dizz Concept’s commitment to sustainable design.

Designer: Dizz Concept

When fully enclosed, Office Shell creates an isolated work zone for private matters.

Inside Office Shell, workers can enjoy ample room for a simple work setup including a desk, chair, and storage cabinets.

Constructed from recyclable and natural materials, Office Shell remains committed to sustainable design.

The reed panels unfurl from Office Shell’s doors to provide a fully enclosed working space.

Even when Office Shell is closed, window openings allow plenty of airflow for workers.