Strollin into the Future

Babies brush your shoulders off, you’re about to be rolling in the most pimp baby vehicle I’ve ever set my sights on. This project is called “Stroller Bumbel” and it’s a whole new look at transporting babies from place to place. Designer Ascanio Afan de Rivera asks why the baby stroller form has only gone a few steps from its origin in all its years of existence? Why oh why? Even when the original isn’t broken, there’s room for improvement. Or at least experimentation. Here’s a new one for ye.

This stroller adapts. Working as a different bit of containment for kids from birth until they’re 2 years old. Based on an 11 piece system that folds into several different forms as well as collapsing down into a trunk-ready smaller size.

Designer: Ascanio Afan de Rivera