CIRI-US Beam Projector lets you watch your beloved pet dog become a star

Concept CIRI-US Beam Projector 2022

Losing a pet can be so painful as these animals can give us so much joy. Pet owners should also be allowed time to grieve and mourn as much as losing a human. Not many people will understand, but there can be a way to mourn a pet dog’s death properly.

The CIRI-US Beam Projector is an attempt to mourn the death of a man’s best friend more positively and beautifully. The concept beam projector doubles as an urn to contain a dog’s remains and can be used to observe the pet’s journey to becoming a star. Even in your pet dog’s death, you can still show your love by giving the dog a proper resting place. The Rainbow Bridge is out there, but the dog must first become a star.

Designers: JunSeo Oh, Subin Kim, 박 도현, and Hyejoo Choi

Concept CIRI-US Beam Projector Design

Those traditional pet funeral services can be really disheartening and unbearable for any owner. It is similar to losing a person but is somehow manageable. However, it still won’t be easy for others, so any help in mourning is needed.

Pet funeral doesn’t always have to be formal and cold. It can be interesting and memorable as every pet is meant to be a star. Even if you don’t believe in the idea, having a star for your beloved pet can make things easier and lighter. So switch on this projector and wait for it to beam your pet as a shining star on your wall or ceiling.


Concept CIRI-US Beam Projector Info Details

CIRI-US Beam Projector Design

You can hasten your beloved pet’s journey with the CIRI-US. It’s easy to use: place your dog’s ashes inside the urn that is located at the bottom, turn on the projector and wait for it to generate a star for your dog, and then turn the projector’s head in any direction you want— your pet is now on its way to becoming a star.

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Every dog leaving this world is off on a new journey. Pet owners must not easily forget, and this CIRI-US can help them mourn the right way. Others may suggest getting a new pet immediately, but out of respect for your loyal companion, give it some time and help the pet first in its new journey.

CIRI-US Beam Projector 2022 Project 3

The CIRI-US Beam Projector will remind you at first of BB-8 because of the color scheme and the round head. The projector-urn is unique because it gives your pet dog’s death more meaning. You won’t just bury the dog or keep its ashes. How else can your pain of losing a pet be eased? You can share in its journey to becoming a star, watch its glow, and smile in remembrance of your time together.

CIRI-US Beam Projector Concept

CIRI-US Beam Projector Images

CIRI-US Beam Projector 2022 Project

Concept CIRI-US Beam Projector Details

Concept CIRI-US Beam Projector Info Details

Concept CIRI-US Beam Projector Info Details