This 11-in-1 Titanium EDC Multitool Also Transforms Into A Phone/Tablet Stand

The term EDC broadly refers to a category of belongings referred to as ‘everyday carrys’. These could be everything from your watch, wallet, phone, to more obscure devices like pocket knives, multitools, flashlights, or even stationery. Most of the EDC we cover on this website falls within the tactical category, pocket blades, toolkits, Swiss-army multitools, etc. but the AceStand has a surprising feature that goes beyond your average set of features. Sure, it’ll open bottles and cans, tighten/loosen screws, and even help you start a fire outdoors… but it surprisingly also transforms into a tiny stand for your smartphone or tablet, making it uniquely useful enough that you’re sure to carry it everywhere with your phone and other belongings. It’s EDC for your EDC, simply put!

Designer: MeTool

Click Here to Buy Now: $59 $79 (25% off) Hurry! Only 16/480 units left!

What we personally love about the AceStand is the fact that it ticks all the right boxes when it comes to effective EDC design. It’s compact, rugged, versatile, and most importantly, it’s well-thought-out, with features you’ll appreciate almost immediately, and a few that you’ll come to love with time. It satisfies almost all EDC needs, whether it’s working with tools or repairing things, or opening items like bottles, cans, and envelopes. The fact that it’s made from titanium makes it rugged enough to pass down even to your great-grandchildren, although the built-in phone-stand may come handy now, but who’s to say if phones will even be a thing in the year 2100?!

The AceStand features a two-part body that pivots at one end, opening and closing somewhat like a clamshell. Magnets hold the device together when you need to keep the AceStand shut, providing a satisfying snap that lets you close the stand while not in need. However, opening the AceStand reveals the sheer wealth of tools integrated into the stand’s overall design. With as many as 11 different tools built-in, the AceStand becomes useful pretty much anywhere. Hex wrenches let you tighten and loosen bolts, square wrenches let you work with bicycle spokes, a standard hex bit sits sandwiched between two halves of the AceStand, and can be taken out and used for working with screws. One of the AceStand’s tip serves as a pry-bar for opening tins and prying apart nails, while the wedged design helps serve as a flint-scraper to start fires, or even a dull-enough edge to open boxes. The stand opens 180° into a flat 14-inch scale that’s perfect for drawing straight lines or even measuring, thanks to the inclusion of both metric and imperial units engraved into the top. A bottle opener can also be found in the stand’s design, letting you crack open a brewski while you’re in the middle of repairing, work, or outdoor exploration… and if a chilled beer isn’t much of a mood-lifter, the stand’s pièce de résistance is the fact that when opened at an acute angle, it lets you easily dock a phone or tablet into two cutouts on the top.

Working almost like an easel for your phone, the AceStand’s cutouts let you rest a smartphone or a tablet in both landscape and even portrait modes. The cutouts are fairly wide, working just as well with thick phone cases too, making the AceStand a rather handy tool to have for when you’re bored, when you quickly want to watch a YouTube tutorial while repairing something, or when you just want to keep your kid occupied at the dinner table at a restaurant.

Carefully placed magnets inside the AceStand let you dock a hex bit of your choice, while magnets at the tip help close the EDC when you’re done using it.

The AceStand measures roughly 7.5 inches when closed, and comes with a keychain slot that lets you easily string it along with your keys or even wear it across your neck like a modern dog tag. The fact that it weighs a paltry 53.3 grams (1.8 ounces) makes it an easy carry too. The entire stand comes machined from solid Grade-5 Titanium, making it durable, waterproof, corrosion-resistant, rust-proof, and incredibly reliable (don’t worry about it breaking while in use), and a clever inclusion of three tritium slots on the outside let you add glowing vials in your EDC, so that it’s visible even in the dark.

The AceStand starts at a discounted $59, ships globally, and should easily last decades even with sustained usage thanks to the titanium construction (even though the maker doesn’t explicitly provide a written guarantee).

Click Here to Buy Now: $59 $79 (25% off) Hurry! Only 16/480 units left!

Click Here to Buy Now: $59 $79 (25% off) Hurry! Only 16/480 units left!