This modern minimal sofa gives all the comfort without messing the cushions!

Bandage Sofa is Platinum Design Award winner in the 2018 – 2019 Furniture Design Award Category of A Design Awards.

I always find myself in the eternal struggle between fluffing my couch pillows and artfully arranging them for aesthetic value versus placing them to fill the gaps in my spine. I totally love arranging my pillows or changing covers to give a new feel, but I wish my couch had an ‘auto straighten’ functionality. While they invent a smart sofa, the designers at Bogdanova Bureau have a simple solution that is easy to implement without becoming an eyesore.

The Bandage Sofa is quite self-explanatory in its approach. The sofa uses a bandage in either the same color or a contrasting hue to hold your cushions in place – whether you choose to arrange for comfort or style! When members of the Bogdanova Bureau team started to design this sofa, they first thought about comfort. The first thing you imagine when you think about the couch is a dozen uncomfortable pillows, moving from side to side and making your rest miserable. With Bandage Sofa, your cushions stay just the way you want them to! The clean lines, muted yet modern tones, and sleek design makes it a perfect match for every interior setting.

In today’s world of pretty-looking homes popping up from different Instagram Users, this couch is the easy way to keep your living room sorted. So whenever the opportunity strikes, this couch is one less thing you need to clean up before taking that natural light shot!

Designer: Bogdanova Bureau