The Top 10 Weekend Essentials you need to keep your weekend anything but boring!

With most of us locked away in our homes, the weekend can bring in a sense of excitement but also some confusion! If you’re simply stuck at home, how do you spice up your weekends? How do you spend your weekend in a way that’s distinguished from the way you spend your weekdays? I’m always coming up with creative ideas to jazz up my weekends. So when I find products that can help me bring my creative weekend ideas to life, I’m overjoyed! Here are a collection of innovative and exciting product designs that are weekend essentials! These are the products that can totally turn a boring Saturday night in into an indoor barbecue session or an interesting games night! This is the ultimate weekend essentials guide. Enjoy!

A lot of us are still home and that means our plans include bingeing Netflix and a snack marathon! Designed by Sushant Vohra, Couch Console is all you need to have a productive binge/snack session – no more trying to balance your chips, drinks, and remote! The designer did tons of ideating and mockups before settling on a modular couch buddy that holds everything for you while you are chilling to the max (can we bring back chillax?). Couch Console’s core pillars are simple geometry and clear functionality. The cupholder has a mechanical gyroscope with a counterweight that ensures your drink stays still even on uneven surfaces – you don’t have to sit upright anymore, get comfy!

This conceptual lounger is all you need for every mood – zen weekdays for WFH and books with wine on the weekends. After a long day of Skype/Zoom calls and speaking to people across meetings, a relaxing place where you can hear the water trickle is exactly what you need to unwind! Dhyan is a Sanskrit word that means focus, care, or meditation and rightly fits this lounger that has been designed to bring all of that to you. Inspired by the simplicity of the tree of buddha and intricate Japanese zen gardens, the lounger blends traditional eastern philosophies with minimal modern design. It embodies peace and stillness one feels when they connect with nature. Dhyan has three different modes to suit your needs — a standard mode, a water-pond mode, and garden mode.

Picture this. You’re in your home (where else would you be, really?), the popcorn’s in the microwave, the couch is ready, the curtains shut, and all that leaks through is a tiny beam of moonlight, giving the place a dreamy aesthetic. You switch your Netflix 4K projector on and begin watching the movie you’ve been WAITING to watch now that the weekend’s finally upon us. That scene right there, that visual setup is the inspirational mood board behind the aesthetic of the Netflix projector. Designed as a concept (although I really wish it were true), the Netflix projector and Bluetooth speaker don’t just create the perfect Netflix-and-chill setup after a long day of work, they also are designed to look a lot like the moon popping up behind two buildings to create the perfect atmosphere for your night-time binging session. The projector and Bluetooth speaker give you the best experience Netflix has to offer (provided you’ve got a great internet connection).

Every weekend brings forth a new dilemma – what is the most entertaining way to spend this weekend without stepping out in this quickly escalating COVID situation? Well, we now have LEGO to thank to make our weekend castle-making activity (consider this writer guilty of spending hours playing with LEGO creating her personal billionaire homes) a little more adult. What I mean is, the LEGO Art is here to make playing with LEGO more intricate and also creating an artwork that definitely deserves that coveted shelf space! Designed to help adults relax and recharge as they transform a blank canvas (or in this case, small interlinking base plates) using LEGO tiles. Each set can be reimagined in a number of different ways to express the personality of each different builder and to make it easy and simple for pop culture lovers to refresh the LEGO Art piece on display in their house.

Missing the BBQ parties during game nights and holidays in quarantine? This conceptual BBQ grill, Campin, makes it possible to still enjoy it indoors (perhaps with fewer people, and if it is just yourself then you won’t even have to share food!) while following the COVID-19 restrictions about outdoor activities and gatherings. It has two core parts – the BBQ bowl at the top and the bottom base. The BBQ bowl has a metal container that houses the whole setup including the intake vent, a charcoal bowl, a grill, and a lid. These pieces are modular and can be separated for easy cleaning and management. There is an LED located under the BBQ bowl that illuminates the lower side and making it look like there is a real fire for the ‘right vibes’.  Campin lets you grill with a charcoal fire by using the specific charcoal bowl for that authentic taste. The smoke is sucked in through the intake vent outside the grill and it is purified and discharged through the filter structure inside the body – the mechanism is similar to an air purifier. The lower part in front of the base includes an outlet to discharge the purified air.

I think the first instinct for most of us when the weekend rolls in is to put on our favorite PJ’s, laze around in bed, and binge watch some Netflix. This is exactly what Fabio Vinella’s latest creation promises to provide us! Designed by Hi-interiors, the HiBed is quite frankly the bed of my dreams. The second generation in their smart beds, this one is a more minimal and sleeker version of its predecessor, the HiCan. A modern take on the traditional canopied bed, the smart(er) bed is versatile and integrates effortlessly with any and all furnishing. “The design of the HiCan and the new HiBed is a contemporary cocoon equipped with state-of-the-art technology for wellness, entertainment, and health monitoring that syncs seamlessly with your smart device,” said the design firm Hi-interiors. Equipped with a built-in 4K projector that can be synced with a series of devices to binge-watch movies/TV shows on a 70-inch retractable screen, the HiBed is the epitome of in-bed relaxation.

The best way to describe the GEMJI is by calling it a game system. This means that GEMJI’s tiles can be used to devise and play multiple types of games for various audiences across all age groups. Younger GEMJI-players can use it to create mazes, while more proficient youngsters can snap multiple tiles together to build complex 3D models. If you’re looking for less of a creative outlet and more of a traditional game, the GEMJI’s black-and-white pieces can be used to play anything from Chess to Draughts, Jenga, Go, Mahjong, Backgammon and even devise your own games along the way! Each GEMJI box-set comes with 70 of those dual-color magnetic tiles, along with a playbook of 30+ games you can play (including GEMJI’s own original games) and an online app that promises many more games with future updates.

The Ishiyaki Set tackles a unique problem associated with being under lockdown… missing out on great food. The Ishiyaki Set brings an authentic Japanese dining experience to your home by allowing you to prepare food in the teppanyaki style. Designed as a tabletop stone grill that you can cook your meat on, the Ishiyaki (which literally stands for rock-grill) is a charming little personalized grilling set that lets you experience the fun of dry-searing your food right before you eat it, just like at that Benihana you miss going to. You can now have a teppanyaki session at home during the weekend!

The Slab Console is an upscale adult furniture piece with a vibrant, fun personality – so you can upgrade your home’s interior design level and also have a lit time with your playlists! This console is the ultimate audio system, it brings you movie theatre quality sounds with living room-worthy visuals. Inspired by the consoles that existed in the 60s and 70s, the Slab brings high-fidelity audio to your space with immersive 5.1 surround movies and games. It is equipped with passive left, center, and right channel speakers along with a 12 inch recessed active subwoofer and a 500 Watt internal amplifier which basically translates into “I am a top-performing audio system worth every dollar of my $6,995 price tag.” I am having a dance party for one this weekend and my weapon of choice is the Slab Console!

Cineorama by Erika Hock is an outdoor viewing space, so you can sit and watch a couple of your favorite movies with your family and friends, within the comforts of your own backyard! Although during this pandemic, it may be wise to simply have a movie session with your family. No outsiders!