This zen lounger is the furniture you need for WFH days and weekend Netflix binge!

This conceptual lounger is all you need for every mood – zen weekdays for WFH and books with wine on the weekends. After a long day of Skype/Zoom calls and speaking to people across meetings, a relaxing place where you can hear the water trickle is exactly what you need to unwind!

Dhyan is a Sanskrit word which means focus, care, or meditation and rightly fits this lounger that has been designed to bring all of that to you. Inspired by the simplicity of the tree of buddha and intricate Japanese zen gardens, the lounger blends traditional eastern philosophies with minimal modern design. It embodies peace and stillness one feels when they connect with nature. Dhyan has three different modes to suit your needs — a standard mode, a water-pond mode, and garden mode.

Choose your zen is the new choose your avatar. The standard mode has a platform that doubles as a shelf along with storage compartments to help you get through the day. The water-pond mode is activated with an inboard pump that creates a waterfall behind the backrest to bring the most calming ambient sounds. The garden mode brings a little bit of the outdoors to the comfort of your home if you don’t have a backyard or are still in quarantine. The color green is known to reduce stress and coupled with the relaxed posture and water sounds, Dhyan is sure to become your absolute favorite lounger.

Designer: Sasank Gopinathan