This phenomenal console table will turn your home into a concert hall!

The weekend is here and we can all do something to catch a breather (at home of course). You can either cook up a gourmet meal, read about positive developments for a change, or pick out what sound system should be the hero of your dance party (again, only at home with people already in your home). I am going with the dance-party-for-one option and my weapon of choice this weekend is the Slab Console! Imagine me as Player 1, and you can customize the avatar by choosing different pajamas and switching between sound systems like the Street Fighter but quarantine version.

The Slab Console is an upscale adult furniture piece with a vibrant, fun personality – so you can upgrade your home’s interior design level and also have a lit time with your playlists! This console is the ultimate audio system, it brings you movie theatre quality sounds with living room-worthy visuals. Inspired by the consoles that existed in the 60s and 70s, the Slab brings high fidelity audio to your space with immersive 5.1 surround movies and games. It is equipped with passive left, center, and right channel speakers along with a 12 inch recessed active subwoofer and a 500 Watt internal amplifier which basically translates into “I am a top-performing audio system worth every dollar of my $6,995 price tag.” Because it was designed to be future-proof, you can simply swap out the receiver as and when technology evolves as the aesthetics of the console were made to be evergreen.

You can expand the Slab Console by adding an A/V receiver or an amplifier/processor combination that works for your home. It looks like a credenza but with a 2020 tech upgrade that replaces the individual freestanding speaker set-up you might have. The whole sound experience is now wrapped into this modern, sleek, minimal console. The 390 lb system is created with a CNC precision-milled, multi-layer MDF and uses a furniture-grade plywood core for audio stability which is supported by an aluminum frame. It receives a state-of-art label because each console is hand-assembled with a final finish touch of real wood veneer and no two consoles will be the same, your piece is one-of-a-kind. The Slab Console is truly ultra-rich sound designed with a beautiful, timeless precision. Let’s turn our homes into a private concert hall!

Designer: Slab Audio