What if Netflix made a 4K projector and a Bluetooth sound-system to match?

Picture this. You’re in your home (where else would you be, really?), the popcorn’s in the microwave, the couch is ready, the curtains shut, and all that leaks through is a tiny beam of moonlight, giving the place a dreamy aesthetic. You switch your Netflix 4K projector on and begin watching the movie you’ve been WAITING to watch now that the weekend’s finally upon us. That scene right there, that visual setup is the inspirational mood board behind the aesthetic of the Netflix projector. Designed as a concept (although I really wish it were true), the Netflix projector and Bluetooth speaker don’t just create the perfect Netflix-and-chill setup after a long day of work, they also are designed to look a lot like the moon popping up behind two buildings to create the perfect atmosphere for your night-time binging session.

The projector and Bluetooth speaker give you the best experience Netflix has to offer (provided you’ve got a great internet connection). This veritable home-theater features a projector capable of 4K complete with on-board controls, enough ventilation for cooling (coincidentally the vents look like pillars/floors of a building), a focusing ring on the front for a crystal-clear image, and enough ports on the back to be able to plug your USB-drives or Chromecasts in to watch content across other platforms. The projector pairs with a standing Bluetooth speaker unit that houses playback controls and a mechanical volume slider.

Netflix has a long history of partnering with television-makers, set-top-box manufacturers, and streaming giants to provide a dedicated Netflix button on their devices or remote-controls, but with the Netflix Projector + Speaker, this is perhaps the company’s first foray into physical devices (ever since they were a DVD delivery service up until 2007). The projector and speaker exist only as fan-made concepts for now, although I wonder how incredible it would be to have your own dedicated Netflix-powered home-theater setup during this pandemic!

Designer: Big Frogs Studio