Fujifilm’s portable X-ray unit brings healthcare to the palm of your hands!

No one ever looks forward to a hospital visit, especially not right now – home healthcare is making a serious comeback in the year 2020, and not only for the older crowd. Product designs like CALNEO XAir, a portable X-ray unit, have come to prove it. The handheld device is authoritative and trustworthy in its conception and manufacturing. In 2019, CALNEO XAir received both the Bronze award in International Design Excellence from IDEA and the Gold Product Award from iF Design.

The award-winning design was created by the team at FUJIFILM in order to provide a convenient household healthcare tool that meets today’s medical guidelines and scientific standards. CALNEO Xair’s exterior is appealing in its intuitively cohesive configuration, making for a stress-free operation. Additionally, through advanced technological features, the product’s battery power and its ultra-high sensitive cassette for diagnostic imaging have also been improved. The high-sensitivity cassette utilizes FUJIFILM’s proprietary ISS method, which translates X-ray energy into optical signals with minimal electric currents and offers a noticeable amount of noise reduction.

Thanks to its super-sensitive imaging plates, CALNEO Xair captures high-quality images, and the radiation dosage necessary for CALNEO Xair’s operation is considerably less than that of X-ray machines found in hospitals. This means that even in the comfort of your own home, you can receive the medical attention and information necessary for healthy living. The product is handheld in order to provide optimal comfort and convenience. Its full weight comes out to an ultralight 3.5kg (roughly 7lbs) as a result of less battery mass and a lightweight X-ray tube. CALNEO Xair reduces radiation exposure for patients, provides reliable and quick information related to the user’s bone health, and brings the benefits of home healthcare to the palm of your hand.

Hospital workers have a lot on their plates, always, but especially in the year 2020, with COVID-19 ramping up again and medical centers understaffed or overwhelmed. CALNEO Xair could provide some relief by transforming the prototypical, heavy-duty X-Ray machine into a contemporary, modern handheld device that’s instinctive and accessible for everyone.

Designer: FUJIFILM