These reflectors could make cycling at night a hundred times safer

The WHEEL FLASH 2.0 are a retro-reflective set of wheel-stickers that light up without any electricity or batteries. The glass powder pigment catches any stray light and reflects it back with much higher intensity, instantly making you visible to drivers at night. The WHEEL FLASH 2.0 are designed to work universally, sticking on any bike wheel or even the frame of your bike. Manufactured with a 3M adhesive lining, the stickers stay on for years, even through inclement weather like rain or snow. Weighing as much as a sheet of paper, the WHEEL FLASH 2.0 stickers come pre-cut and ready to use. They come in 4 different colors and provide instant visibility without affecting the bicycle’s aerodynamics, performance, or its look, and most importantly, they keep you safe forever, all without consuming any power.

In 2019, 56,000 cyclists died worldwide. Estimates indicate that that number increased in 2020, even though traffic decreased. The reason behind it points to two things. A. More people took to cycling in 2020, and B. Cycling, as healthy as it is, still isn’t entirely safe.

The reason why most cycling accidents occur is due to the lack of visibility. Given how quiet and slim they are, cycles are sometimes easy to miss, especially in the dark. And even though you could decide to wear a reflective patch on your back, the WHEEL FLASH 2.0’s highly reflective pigment (which fits on a freely rotating wheel) offers something that is MUCH more effective.

Designed as a pair of reflective adhesives that stick right onto your bike wheels, the WHEEL FLASH 2.0 instantly make your bicycle visible in low-light settings. The reflectors are crafted using a glass-powder pigment that helps them catch and scatter light in all directions, making you instantly visible in low-light conditions without any battery or electronics. Moreover, since the reflectors attach to your bike wheels, the constant circular motion increases their visibility multiple times.

Designer: THE BEAM

Click Here to Buy Now: $21. Hurry, only 46 left!


The Wheel Flash 2.0 are kinetic powered hi-visibility bike reflectors that enhance your sides and front visibility to 360º degrees.

Click Here to Buy Now: $21. Hurry, only 46 left!