This Bertone Stratos Zero makeover is destined for street legal racing mania!

Lancia Stratos is an iconic car that keeps pushing the imagination of automotive concepts for its sheer timeless proportions and the styling that was way ahead of its time. The ride’s masculinity and that hint of metrosexual character make it popular among enthusiasts to date, and for a good reason. The Bertone-designed Stratos Zero further escalated the car’s face value a notch higher. Decades have passed, but the edgy four-wheeler is still alive in the subconscious of automotive enthusiasts like Shane Baxley. Having his feet deep in the Hollywood community (his work features in movies like Captain Marvel and The Predator), Shane is creative in designing automotive concepts.

His latest work is the Bertone Stratos Bax – a remake of the Bertone Stratos Zero in an upbeat modern makeover that’s utterly desirable. Renders of Baxley’s latest concept are jaw-dropping, as I already want to open the gull-winged doors of this beastly supercar and drive it on the open roads. He has contoured the ride’s ultra-sharp edges just at the right places in the right proportions to give it that hot appeal. The flowing design and the fat tires with the hollowed-out rim lend it a very street-legal racer DNA, ready for any challenger on the other side of the lane!

The Bertone Stratos Bax manages to retain the classic ride’s boxy appearance, but with a makeover that takes it to another level as far as the modern aesthetics are concerned. This design alone demonstrates Baxley’s prowess in penning down designs that any automotive manufacturer would dream of achieving, and this Stratos has got me sold high and dry, wanting so desperately to feel it in real life!

Designer: Shane Baxley