A Creative’s Take on Redesigning Modern Luggage

If a product doesn’t satisfy a consumer’s needs, the consumer doesn’t buy the product again. If a product doesn’t satisfy a designer’s needs, the designer takes it as a challenge to redesign the product to be the best version of itself. Tired of how flawed his luggage was, Dr. Ken Nah set out to redesign the travel necessities to a limit where nothing could defeat them. Bad weather, bad handling, bad circumstances, there’s no defeating the SHAPL, because it was designed to be lightweight yet spacious, waterproof, incredibly durable, come with top-notch security measures, proximity tracking, and customizability that makes the luggage your be-all-end-all travel pick.

Available in three sizes, the SHAPL comes in a backpack format and two sizes of suitcases. The backpack packs a spacious design with a dedicated laptop compartment (which can hold even 17″ laptops) and roomy interiors with enough segregation to pack all your belongings in their own special areas for easy access (including a special power-bank pocket that lets you plug your phone directly into the bank stashed in your backpack). For your valuables, the backpack comes with its own anti-theft compartment that’s virtually impossible to access by others when you’re wearing the backpack. The SHAPL backpack features a durable, water-resistant outer fabric and employs water-resistant zippers to keep your electronics and belongings safe from inclement weather. A special luggage strap allows you to fasten the backpack to your wheel-in luggage, while a Bluetooth tracker lets you know if your bag ever leaves the tracking radius of your smartphone.

If the SHAPL backpack was built to provide the perfect cabin-baggage experience, its larger suitcases make for perhaps the most streamlined experience in check-in luggage design. Made from incredibly tough polycarbonate, the SHAPL is virtually indestructible and features a handle that’s practically unbreakable and wheels designed by Hinomoto, known for their ability to withstand pretty much any sort of stress. Armed with double-coil zippers that are tough to break into, the SHAPL’s larger bags also pack a TSA lock and Bluetooth tracking to make sure that your bag’s contents are safe and sound. What’s more, the bag also comes with its own set of alphanumeric stickers that let you personalize your luggage to make it not only functionally, but also visually stand out from the rest.

Literally crossing every pain-point of conventional luggage off its list, the SHAPL isn’t just a functionally superior luggage set. With its tracking abilities and rather innovative customization package, it’s YOUR functionally superior luggage that was designed with a user experience that makes it a blind pick for any sort of traveling you have in mind. Beware, never cross a designer!

Designer: Dr. Ken Nah

Click here to Buy Now: $49.00 $59.00 (16% off)







Click here to Buy Now: $49.00 $59.00 (16% off)