This long-distance e-bike was built with an impressive range of 200 miles on a single charge

With a persona to match its name, the Juggernaut HD Duo was built to be pushed to the absolute limits. Touted as an “Extreme Performance E-bike”, Juggernaut HD Duo comes with a 1500W mid-drive motor and a whopping 2002Wh battery that gives it a top speed of 35mph, coupled with one of the highest ranges I’ve seen on an e-bike – 200 miles on a full charge.

Juggernaut HD Duo isn’t your average last-mile e-bike that lets you navigate within your neighborhood. It’s designed to be taken off the roads, traveling far beyond the borders of a city, and even going on intercity journeys if you’ve got it in you. The e-bike sports a rugged build with heavy-duty tires that work equally well on sand, snow, and gravel as they do on asphalt, which means you can take the Juggernaut HD Duo practically anywhere. Dual 910Wh batteries integrated within the bike’s frame give you nearly 100 miles of range, while an optional downtube battery sits on the outside, boosting your range to up to 200 miles… that’s about as much as traveling from New York to Philadelphia and back in a single battery charge.

The Juggernaut HD Duo’s incredibly hefty battery system is supported by a Bafang BBSHD mid-drive motor that’s capable of 160Nm of torque, a 10-speed Shimano Deore gearset, a cushy RST Guide suspension fork, and 180mm Tektro hydraulic disc brakes that help the bike conquer practically any type of terrain or incline while giving you a smooth ride. A Smart Pedal Assist Sensor measures your effort and gives you an extra push when you need it, while a thumb-controlled remote-pad and an LCD dashboard let you control and customize your ride while viewing your bike’s overall stats. Designed with an all-terrain experience in mind, the Juggernaut HD Duo comes with full-coverage fenders to keep you clean on muddy paths, and a storage rack on the back to help you carry gear with you. The e-bike comes outfitted with an integrated 100 lumens headlamp, although you can upgrade to a 2000 lumens lamp if you’re more of a night-rider. Built by Canada-based Biktrix (who’s portfolio features a wide range of e-bikes including All-Terrain, Commuter, Cruiser, and Folding eBikes), each Juggernaut HD Duo comes with a lifetime warranty on the frame (and a 1-year warranty on the battery and electronic components). The e-bikes are available in five stunning color variants, and ship as early as March 2021!

Designer: Gavin Whitmore

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Biktrix Juggernaut HD Duo: Ultimate Range E-Bike

The Juggernaut HD Duo is an extreme performance eBike with 1500W mid-drive motor & 2002Wh battery. Up to 35 mph & 200-mile range.

Perfect for commuting on the street or ripping up hills off-road. And more ground clearance than any other Bafang BBSHD powered eBike. Simply put, it’s a ton of fun.

Get all the power you can handle, together with exceptional build quality and 160Nm of torque.

Cushy RST Guide suspension fork evens out the bumps, making for an even, smooth ride every time.

Strong & dependable stopping power with Tektro hydraulic disc brakes. Extra traction from 4.8” Vee Tire Fat Tires. Choose the 27.5×3 Plus wheels for less drag and a great commute on and off-road.

During the warranty period, Biktrix guarantees products or parts of a product are free from defects in material or workmanship, under normal use and maintenance.

Biktrix will either repair the product at no charge, provide a new product, or refurbish replacement parts. Some repairs will be serviced locally to the user and the customer will be reimbursed their local bike shop fees.

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Click Here to Buy Now: $1399 $2798 (50% off). Hurry, only 5 left! Raised over $950,000.