This ultimate bed doubles up as a couch and a WFH desk fitted with all the smart tech!

I have never wanted to use my position at Yanko Design to review products in person before seeing this bed. Pandemic or no pandemic, we can all agree that this is the ultimate bed just like its name states – the Hariana Tech Smart Ultimate Bed!

The $2800 price tag is justified with a myriad of features that make it perfect for a weekend in or even work from home – let’s be honest, they both feel the same right now. You now we always have to get up to get stuff before we settle into relax mode? Well, this bed was designed to have everything you will need to relax within your bed frame. It has an integrated reclining massage chair with a remote, a built-in Bluetooth speaker, a bookshelf, a reading lamp, an air cleaning system, an area to plug-in and charge your devices, a foot-stool that opens up for extra storage and a pop-up desk for the ultimate WFH setup, Netflix marathon or cozy reading hours. The sound system also features and SD card slot, an auxiliary port and a USB port. Another interesting detail about the Hariana bed is a password-protected safe box for you to store your most precious belongings – for me it would be my passport and snacks!

The Hariana Tech Smart Ultimate bed is something straight out of Spy Kids and I say that with utmost appreciation for both. The only thing I would add is a coffee maker so I can go from binge watching to office hours seamlessly.

Designer: Jubilee Furniture