This pillow has a built-in cooling pad because nobody likes sweaty necks

When we covered the Dullo pillow last year, we were pretty intrigued by its rather nuanced take on sleep. Unlike most pillows that are just cotton stuffed in a rectangular sack (I’m oversimplifying), Dullo was designed for sleeping anywhere, anyhow. Its specially formed, dual-sided design was made to support you sleeping either on your back or your side, and with its unique layered design, even let you slide your hands in and sleep at your desk. The Dullo is now back as Dullo Plus, with essential upgrades that help you sleep better. How? Two words. Temperature-control.

The original version of the Dullo pillow came with a silicon-coated microfiber filling which helped it retain shape and balance out humidity by not absorbing any moisture or perspiration. In its new avatar, the Dullo Plus helps its patrons sleep better by staying cooler, thanks to a cooling-insert that slides right into the neck-region of the pillow. The water-tight insert comes with three cooling packs that you can store in your fridge throughout the day. Add the packs into the insert and slide the insert into the Dullo Plus and it prevents your pillow from turning into a hot sweaty mess. The cooling packs rest under six layers of cotton and air-mesh to help distribute the cool temperature evenly for up to 7 hours to keep the back of your neck as cool as the rest of your body as you sleep. The lowered temperature is proven to coax you into a deeper sleep, so you don’t find yourself shifting around and changing positions because of the body-heat and sweat.

For times when you don’t want to worry about cool temperatures, the Dullo Plus even comes with a regular neck insert filled with its signature silicon-coated microfiber. The neck insert helps further reinforce your position as you sleep (either on your back or on your side), maintaining your neck’s natural C-curve and giving your spine the support it needs as you drift into a slumber. The Dullo Plus and its inserts are made out of 100% cotton (sans the cooling pads, obviously) and can even be machine-washed to keep the pillow fresh and clean, while the inserts keep your neck elevated and cool. You might as well call it a chillow instead of a pillow!

Designer: Dullo Design

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Dullo Plus: Cooling Relief Pillow for Cooling Comfort

Dullo Plus prevents night sweating & overheating for cooling comfort while providing ergonomic support for back, side and tummy sleepers.

The Problem to Solve

All the environmental factors in the bedroom play a big role. Room temperature & body temperature must be in sync, and usually, our heads get heat up due to overheating cotton pillows or memory foam pillows. Although the head is about 5% of a person’s body weight, it radiates about 20% of the body’s heat! Physical & mental stress in life aggravates it even more; especially, at night, causing the following symptoms:

– Hot flashes, night sweating
– Chronic headaches & migraine, neck pain with or without tension headaches
– Restless leg syndrome or restlessness in general
– Continuous tossing and turning, insomnia or disturbed sleep (frequent waking up)

Solution: Dullo Plus!

The Dullo Plus Pillow features their soft, supportive microfiber fill & cooling pillow insert for a cooler sleep experience and an easy-to-use design for edge-to-edge support. The 8 hours of cooling relieves the stress and tension of the entire body.

The Dullo Plus Pillow prevents night sweating and overheating while providing ergonomic support as a Neck Relief Pillow for Back, Side, & Tummy Sleepers.

The Next-Level Cooling Comfort in Dullo Plus

Pillow Cover: 100% Premium Cotton that provides extreme ventilation, compared to polyester and bamboo covers. A breathable cotton cover helps circulate the airway from your body- keeping you comfortably cool.

Microfiber Fillers: highly water-resistant and breathable, allowing Dullo Plus Pillow to control humidity & temperature throughout the night. Its cool & breathable filling is soft and supportive, so it lulls you to sleep.

Cooling Pillow Insert with Ice Packs: insert holds 3-cooling packs that provide up to 7-8 hours of refreshing coolness while you sleep. When you wake up you can remove the cooling packs and place them in your freezer so you’ll be ready for another great night of sleep.

The cooling sensation helps your body relax and sleep more deeply. The Cooling Pillow Insert uses a water-tight pouch so you won’t have to worry about any leaks or wetness.

How to Prep the Dullo Plus

You don’t have to freeze them to stay cool. The icepacks provide the cooling properties though left out at room temperature.

Neck Relief and Ergonomic

For Stomach Sleepers, Side Sleepers and Back Sleepers

For Side Sleepers

The Arch Side helps side sleepers maintain horizontal spinal alignment as they sleep. Traditional pillows create a space between the pillow and your neck. The Dullo+ perfectly molds to your neck giving you the complete support you need to sleep comfortably.

For Back Sleepers

The Crown Side provides back sleepers the best sleep possible by gently supporting their necks so they can maintain their spine’s natural c-curve. Other pillows allow for too much movement during the night which causes you to lose sleep. The center of the Dullo+ cradles your head from all angles so you can sleep in a comfortable position all night.

Neck Relief and Adjustable

If you need more adjustability to already great ergonomics of the Dullo Plus Pillow, a cotton pillow insert can be used. This boosts the pillow by a few inches to fit your neck curve perfectly.

Machine-wash the Dullo Plus

The best way to keep your pillow clean is to wash it. Pillows that are only cover-washable end up accumulating months or even years worth of sweat, dust, and bacteria. Cotton Shower Pillow is washable in its entirety so that you can always keep it sanitized and fresh. Just toss it in the washer and dryer- quick, breezy, fluffy.

Dullo Plus’s silicone-coated microfibers hold their shape because they are elastic and resilient. They absorb micro shocks from your neck and shoulders so you can sleep more comfortably. Its microfiber filler can be removed or added to get the perfect height.

– Thin & Short microfiber: won’t get clumpy, while providing superior support
– Silicone Coated fibers: repel water so they won’t clump together.

Click Here to Buy Now: $59 $99 (40% off). Hurry, less than 12 hours left!