With its Sapphire-Crystal body, the WTIF watch looks like a literal gemstone on your wrist


The WTIF’s approach to watchmaking is no different from a museum’s approach to precious relics. Just like museums encase their artifacts in transparent chambers, with dramatic lighting to grab your attention, the WTIF watch uses a pristine clear sapphire case to display its watch’s inner workings, with metallic accents that create enough visual drama to give the watch the appeal of a shimmering gemstone on your wrist. After a successful first edition in 2019, the WTIF watch is back with its second generation, featuring a faceted sapphire body, a skeletal design, a Swiss STP 1-11 automatic mechanical movement on the inside, and interchangeable intricate mesh bands that do justice to the timepiece’s detailed design.

The WTIF doesn’t look or feel like other watches. With its sapphire casing on the top, around the sides, and even on the back, the watch has a much more open and welcoming demeanor, unlike the opaque designs of metal-body watches. You can practically observe every internal component through the timepiece’s impeccably clear, scratch-resistant body. The WTIF sports a nude watch face with luminous hands that do more than just tell the time… they reveal the workings of the watch’s date-keeping feature too, letting you see the date-ring rotate in plain sight. A band runs across the center horizontally, with place for branding at the 9 o’clock position and the official date window at the 3 o’clock position. Underneath the face lies the WTIF 2nd Gen’s heart, a Swiss-made STP-11 automatic movement that self-charges as you move your hands, and a 44-hour power reserve when kept still.

As the WTIF’s transparent sapphire crystal body lifts the very veil on the intricacies of timekeeping, it does so while being much hardier than other watches. The sapphire’s inherent scratch-resistant properties make the watch much more impervious to scuffs and marks, while the 5ATM waterproof casing means you could practically go swimming with the WTIF around your wrist too. If you do, might we recommend switching out the authentic Italian leather bands for the 304 Stainless Steel mesh straps! The WTIF 2nd Generation watches come with a 2-year warranty, and rely on the brand-to-customer model, which means you get expert craftsmanship without the hefty price tag!

Designer: Volker Eberle

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WTIF – 2nd Generation Sapphire-Crystal-Case Watch

Designed by Volker Eberle, the WTIF is an automatic skeleton sapphire-crystal-case watch. The case design allows you to see through the watch at all angles.

Their focus was on creating a stunning, elegant, and classy watch that is extremely affordable by today’s luxury watch standards.


Interchangeable Design – WTIF features an interchangeable watch band that gives the wearer more options. This is a quick change strap design allowing you to swap out your straps whenever the moment arises.

Sapphire-Crystal-Case – Highly scratch-resistant, protects your watch face, and highlights the gleam of every mechanical piece.

5ATM Water Resistance – Protect your timepiece from contact with water.

Swiss Movement – STP-1-11 movement keeps precise and accurate time for the life of your timepiece.

Click Here to Buy Now: $375 $750 (50% off). Hurry, for a limited time only!