Lenovo’s new stunning 49-inch monitor is a direct rival to the Samsung Odyssey G9

The ThinkVision P49w-30 is Lenovo’s new ultrawide double QHD panoramic display that’s designed for multitasking and for the extreme gamer. Armed with an aggressively curved 49-inch display, the monitor sports a resolution of 5120 x 1440, or the equivalent of eight 720p screens spread over two rows. If that wasn’t impressive enough, the company also boasts the ability to daisy-chain two more displays together, giving you a view so panoramic your neck would hurt. Why? Because they can!

Designer: Lenovo

The curved display follows the path set by Samsung with its Odyssey G9 display which was announced back in 2020. Although Lenovo’s a little late to the 49-inch monitor party, it’s making up for it by providing a host of new features that make the P49w-30 a much more compelling piece of hardware. For starters, the display comes with a contrast ratio of 2000:1 thanks to its IPS Black technology that lets it display vivid colors and deeper blacks at the same time. It has a 60Hz refresh rate and a response time that goes as low as 4 milliseconds in the monitor’s ‘Extreme Mode’, designed clearly for things like video editing and gaming. The massive display is adjustable to a pretty great degree, with a max lift of 155mm, a tilt of – 5° / 23.5°, and the ability to swivel 45° either way. Unlike Samsung’s more recent Odyssey Ark, the monitor can’t be flipped vertically into portrait mode, though.

The monitor also comes with Lenovo’s eKVM and True Split features that let you connect to and toggle between two PC sources and even have a hardware-based partition that splits the monitor into two, allowing you to have separate aspect ratios and settings for each ‘half’. The ThinkVision P49w-30 also comes with as many as 13 ports including two ThunderboltTM 4 ports with up to 100W power delivery and a front-facing USB-C port with a 15W fast charging capability for devices like your phone, which can conveniently rest in the groove designed into the base of the monitor. To top things off, the ThinkVision P49w-30 also comes with its own set of 5W speakers, but it’s missing an integrated webcam… although if you’re on the market for a monitor with is own webcam, Lenovo’s ThinkVision VoIP Monitors should do the trick.