Tiny Home setups that prove why micro-living will be the next big trend: Part 2

Minimalism has reached a level of popularity that is unbelievable, and it has even extended to our style of living and architecture! With everyone veering towards the path of micro-living, while simultaneously breaking ties with materialism, tiny homes are the future. More and more individuals and families are opting for simple, comfortable and functional tiny houses. Hence, we’ve curated a collection of fascinating mini homes to give you a crash course on micro-living!

The Pacific Harbor is a tiny house built on a 30’x8.5’ triple axel Iron Eagle trailer – compact, convenient and classy. The interiors are kept light and breezy to manifest the feeling of spaciousness. The tiny home includes a downstairs flex area that can be turned into a bedroom or home office, a sleeping loft in the back, and stainless steel appliances in the kitchen.

The tiny house Le Château Ambulant by Tiny House Baluchon is a tribute to Hayao Miyazaki’s Howl’s Moving Castle. Featuring some exquisite woodwork using cedar, it’s a double-axle trailer measuring 6 m. Its cute square windows and French-inspired aesthetics make it a total eye-catcher!

This tiny home is perfect for hobbits, and seems to have sprung right out of The Lord of The Rings! But in reality, it’s a quaint little castle in Romania.

Comprising of two bedrooms this tiny home by Tiny House Baluchon is perfect for a nuclear family. Featuring wooden accents, a set of stairs in the home lead to the upper section, where a comfy bed awaits!

Designed by Modern Tiny Living, The Fox is a 28 ft x 8.5 ft tiny home. Located in Ohio, the home on wheels features a pastel-colored exterior and modern clean interiors.

This adorable cabin by Off-Grid Inn is the perfect tiny home in the wilderness. Surrounded by nature on all four sides, it’s ideal for a quick compact getaway!

Droplet’s Teardrop Camping Trailer is the perfect trailer for anyone who wants to travel light! Weighing only 950 lbs, the Scandinavian-inspired trailer can be attached to almost any car and features spacious windows, a wide door, and even a lift-gate outdoor kitchen.

This triangular cabin by Jacob Witzling and Sara Underwood has a very green roof! Surrounded by nature, it makes for the perfect tiny home out in the woods!

The Mohican by Modern Tiny Living is a 20 feet custom tiny home showcasing a beautiful cedar trim and pine siding. It has all the facilities you would find in a ordinary-sized home, except it’s more compact and cute!

Inspired by the ideology of sustainability, Finnish designer Robin Falck created an A-frame mirrored holiday house, Nolla.  Functioning entirely on renewable energy, the tiny house has been built entirely using sustainable materials such as local plywood and pine. Nolla is powered by emission-free solar panels.

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