Your zero-waste lifestyle dream comes true with this modular compact composter!

Research shows that almost 1.3 billion tons of food end up in landfills every year, that’s 1/3rd of the total production of food itself. This is simply because we buy and produce too much, and fail to consume it all. Food wastage has become a serious issue, and zero waste is something we should all aim for. One option to reduce food wastage is composting. Composting helps to manage and reduce kitchen and garden waste while producing ecological fertilizers for plants. In an attempt to encourage composting, designer Adam Szczyrba created Orre, a modular composter. Orre is a compact composter that is ideal for everyday use in our homes. In fact, it’s so compact, that you can easily carry it around from one room to another! Featuring a matte black finish and a quirky cork stand, Orre is visually attractive and inviting. One look at it, and you would want to try your hand at composting!

Designer: Adam Szczyrba

Orre basically comprises of three parts or modules, the containers for composting, a cork stand and a sturdy lid. First, you place the base container or containers in the kitchen, wherein you place all the fresh organic waste into it. There are basically three containers in different heights and sizes, you can arrange them according to your need and requirement. The bottom container is covered with multiple holes, allowing increased air circulation. Retractable handles make it easy to carry and handle the containers. The first stage of decomposition takes place at this point in time. A cylindrical chimney runs through the containers, which supports the aeration of the waste. This enables the mold fungi to produce antibiotic substances and destroy pathogenic microorganisms, leading to the creation of the fertilizer.

Once the container or containers have been filled, the various modules of the composter can be stacked up. It is suitable to do so in a larger space such as a balcony, terrace or basement. The containers are placed upon the cork stand. The stand has been equipped with a motor-powered turbine, which pushes air into the composter, ensuring the oxygenation of the compost. Oxygen is vital to remove any excess amount of water. The stand also features a reservoir to collect the liquid produced during the composting process and a tap that allows you to discard the liquid. A lid with multiple openings and a carbon filter to absorb any unpleasant odor is placed upon the first container. You then simply leave the composter, allowing nature to run its organic course, resulting in fertilizers that support the growth of plants, while you live a zero-waste lifestyle.