Tiny Home setups that prove why microliving will be the next big trend

Sometimes when I get done with my day, there is a moment when I stop and wonder how much simpler life would be if I did not have so many things lying around! As we get more materialistic, we get caught in this cycle of storing and maintaining these possessions by buying more of them. It’s a wicked cycle! Enter the phase of minimal micro-living also known as tiny homes. A simple, elegant place where each belonging has a place for itself and a purpose to it because you simply cannot store anything more than essentials! So from luxury campers, simple caravan style homes or even tree houses, we have a microliving setup to woo you.

Laëtitia Dupé of Tiny House Baluchon is designed for a French couple, this new abode finds itself in the French Alps, offering great views and ample space to live in

School bus turns into an adventure-mobile as converted by Mande and Ben Tucker of Fern the Bus

A45 project is an iteration of the traditional A-frame cabin, known for its pitched roof and angled walls with a customizable micro-home that can be built within a rapid time-frame in any location by bjarke ingels group (BIG)

Architect Gerardo Broissin designed a transparent treehouse that floats among the trees and vegetation in a Mexico City backyard

Banjo, unique Tiny Homes, handcrafted in Byron Bay by Little Byron Co

The Ecological Living Module, or EDM comes with a “micro-farming wall” and a roof covered in photovoltaics by Gray Organschi Architecture and Yale’s Center for Ecosystems in Architecture

The Hutte Hut Camper by Sprouting Sprocket Studio 

Forest House 02 by Chu Văn Đông of D12 Design 

Droompark Buitenhuizen gives your option of stay in the Netherlands by Tiny Houses Droomparken 

Cabin No.2 designed by Espen Surnevik for PAN Treetop Cabin in Norway 

Ryan Zimmer’s cabin in Sagle, Idaho