Contribute your pee to compost! (Seriously)

L’uritonnoir is, quite simply, a hybrid of two everyday products: the urinal & the funnel (literally in French, “urinnoir” and “entonnoir”). It was designed primarily for use in public spaces like music festivals or carnivals where units can be placed on round bales of straw. The device funnels urine into the bale which is then removed & converted to compost after 6-8 months due to the chemical reaction of carbon (straw) & nitrogen (urine). Not for the pee-shy, but still cleaner & greener than a porta-potty!

Designer: Faltazi



  • ces says:


  • Dave says:


    I kind of like the idea, but am dubious at how effective it would be. I’ve had a lot of experience of military toilet systems, some improvised and some procured. This seems a little more like the improvised type. While I’m sure it would work for a little while at a mass event it could be an issue. I’ve also seen and personally experienced the illness that poor ablutions cause, it’s awful.

    What about disposal to the compost site, surely it’s a bio hazard and the procedures to ensure the safety of those carrying out the work and those who are nearby and exposed to the hazard would likely be me a significant drain on resources.

    If you google ‘desert rose urinal’ you’ll be able to see some of the basic urinals used on deployed ops. Good the smells coming back……..I need to go freshen up!

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  • steve says:

    looks realy nice

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