A Scandinavian-inspired lightweight trailer for minimal millenial glampers!

If you’re an outdoorsy person, you know there’s always a demand for cool new trailer designs, and Droplet’s Teardrop Camping Trailer happens to be one of them. This trailer is perfect for anyone who wants to travel light! Weighing only 950 lbs, the trailer can be attached to almost any car! The Scandinavian-inspired trailer provides the perfect mix of the indoors and the outdoors, with spacious windows, a wide door, and even a lift-gate outdoor kitchen.

Designer: Droplet

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Featuring a laminate of aluminum, foam, and wood, the trailer is extremely light and durable. In fact, the designer took inspiration for its construction from the construction of boats and aircraft and adopted a relatively screw-free technique.

The interior has a dome-like shape, allowing in a whole lot of sunlight and fresh air.

A queen-sized bed provides enough space to sleep well, with two cabinets and two shelves at the foot of the bed functioning as sufficient storage spaces.

As mentioned, the kitchen has to be accessed from the outside and is equipped with a dual-stove burner, a sink, and an acrylic countertop. A 12-volt slide-out fridge protects all your perishables, and a hand-pump provides fresh water.

Oh, and did we mention it’s eco-friendly too? A 100W solar panel harnesses solar power, and the trailer even boasts two EcoFlow River power stations! Besides its impressive features and functionality, the Droplet showcases a clean minimal aesthetic and is a cute little trailer that tags along behind your car. It truly is perfect for your next outdoor adventure!