Bike for Power!

The OHM is a hand-held sized energy device for cyclists. As it’s explained below, this device uses magnets and a dynamo to collect energy which can in turn be used to power up your phone or other chargeable device. Now you too can declare yourself independent of power plugs and cigarette lighters forever!

The designer, Xavier Unwin, explains the OHM as such:
“Based on electromagnetic induction, ohm harvests, stores and converts human power into usable energy.

1. The user attaches ohm magnets to bicycle wheel spokes. The N42 neodymium magnets provide the optimal balance of durability and magnet strength (current output).

2. The user fixes ohm holder to bicycle seat stays, ensuring the holder is in line with the ohm magnets. The ohm energy device is then placed inside the holder to provide protection from dirt and moisture.

3. The user begins to cycle. As the wheel spokes turn, the magnets pass the ohm internal coil of wire (dynamo) inducing a current. The current is stored in the internal 1200 mAh lithium ion battery.

4. Once the user finishes cycling, the ohm energy device can be removed and used to recharge, with suitable adapters, any portable electronic device under 5 volts. Approximately 45 minutes to an hour of cycling produces enough energy to fully recharge a mobile phone.”

As with all bicycle devices, the OHM is subject of the scrutiny of the riders who have been victim of bike theft; bikes sit out in the open quite often, how realistic is it to attach any device to a bike without fear of it being thieved? Perhaps making the magnets look like baseball cards or the like: things that don’t look shiny and black-market-worthy.

On the other hand, charging up your electronic stuff with your own blood sweat and tears is totally steampunk. Also, how awesome is the dynamo? Power up your mouse-sized Iron Man suit much?

Designer: Xavier Unwin