This multifunctional staircase conveniently stores all your books!

A sprawling staircase with an intricately designed handrail can add manifolds of character to any home space. Add a bookshelf to the mix, and you have a multifunctional and aesthetic furniture design that is more than what meets the eye! VG Studio’s ‘Band Rail’ looks like a usual wooden handrail accompanying an ordinary staircase at first glance, providing you with support as you amass your expansive home. However look a little deeper, and you realize it functions as a bookcase as well!

Wooden ‘gills’ mimicking the gills of a fish adorn the entire length of the handrail. The gills provide little nook and crannies to subtly store your books. Reminiscent of an elongated prism, the handrail bulges out in the center enabling you to easily pluck out the book of your choice. Rippling like a wave, the wooden structure is supported by a minimal steel beam. The handrail can be conveniently assembled and disassembled, allowing it to be easily transported from one location to another in a standard-sized car.

Being a voracious reader myself, I know how hard it can be to actually conjure up sufficient space to store your books. My shelves and desk are always overflowing, and my collection ever increasing. In such a scenario, VG Studio’s Band Rail is a super handy quick fix, merging in with the interiors of your home effortlessly and storing your books in a very clever manner!

Designer: Victoria Goldstein of VG Studio