This retro yet modern minimal radio is designed for the love of all things nostalgic!

Everyone loves a good old quintessential radio stereo. However, Ruark Audio’s latest release the R1 Deluxe Bluetooth Radio promises to perform just like your trusty radio but with a few upgrades! Featuring an adorable square shape, the R1 Deluxe Bluetooth Radio carries a very retro-esque charm, however, its functionality is deeply rooted in the present.

Equipped with the latest OLED display, the display showcases the song you’re listening to, the time and any alarm details you may have set. No matter which angle you may view it from, the display is always legible, retaining its readability from every position. The brightness can be adjusted according to your needs. What makes the stereo even more interesting is it’s RotoDial controller! Radios usually tend to be accompanied by a bunch of dials and knobs, however, Ruark Audio’s trademark RotoDial eliminates the need for multiple buttons, allowing easy access and control of the radio.

With top-notch FM, DAB and DAB+ performance, the radio has also been power-packed with a premium Bluetooth receiver, allowing you to connect your smartphones and tablets, and letting you stream music from your favorite platforms like Apple Music, Spotify, etc.

Pop the stereo onto your bedside table, and you can use it as an alarm clock! Equipped with a headphone output and a switchable input, it is compatible with other audio devices as well. A USB charging port helps you charge your smartphone and other devices. A radio stereo that functions as a handy bedside alarm and phone charger? It’s got me hooked! However, the R1 Deluxe Bluetooth Radio’s classical mid-century aesthetic seals the deal for me. Modern and innovative in its functionality, the radio successfully maintains the old school charm which made the stereo so popular in the past!

Designer: Ruark Audio

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