This $19 indoor camera comes with night-vision, human detection, instant alerts, and integration with Alexa

Expanding its collection of smart home appliances, SwitchBot unveiled the Indoor Cam, their smart home-surveillance device that gives you an intelligent pair of eyes in your home for when you’re not around.

The company rose to prominence with the SwitchBot Curtain, a tiny rod-affixed robotic device that turned your regular curtains into smart ones, letting you operate them via an app, your alarm, or even your voice. Following the curtain-controlling IoT device, SwitchBot unveiled a series of other smart home devices, from motion sensors to LEDs, and even a humidifier. With the Indoor Cam, SwitchBot lets you do more than control curtains, lights, and other ambient aspects of your home – it lets you protect and surveil your home too.

Designer: SwitchBot Design

Click Here to Buy Now: $19.50 $29.99 (35% off for YD readers with coupon code “35BFyankodesign”). Hurry, sale ends on Nov 29th.

The SwitchBot Indoor Cam is a compact 1080p high-definition home camera with a wide 130° lens to cover large areas, and night-vision to allow the camera to keep tabs on your home even in the dark. A recent winner of the Good Design Award, the camera fits perfectly into SwitchBot’s line of products intended on making your home smarter, and your life easier. The camera runs 24/7 (as a good CCTV camera should) and will broadcast a video feed over Wi-Fi to your device no matter where you are. The 1080p camera captures video in full HD, switching automatically to night-vision in low-light conditions, and will automatically alert you if there’s any movement or suspicious activity while you’re out.

Receive real-time notifications.

Interestingly enough, the Indoor Cam also makes a few allowances to eliminate false positives or false flags, so you don’t get unnecessary alerts. The app offers a “Human Only” detection mode that when toggled, allows the camera to only notify you when it detects a human on your premises, effectively preventing animals or pets from accidentally setting off the motion-sensing alarms. You can even set dedicated zones within the camera’s frame, targeting areas like windows, doors, back entrances, so your Indoor Cam keeps a closer eye for movement or signs of danger on those areas. If there’s ever a truly credible alert, the SwitchBot Indoor Camera’s integration with Alexa lets you use your smart speaker to play warning messages to intruders… or if it’s someone you know, an integrated microphone and speaker in the Indoor Cam lets you have a two-way conversation with the person (perhaps a pet or a child, or a relative) through the camera and the smartphone, like a walkie-talkie system.

The Indoor Camera boasts integration with Amazon Alexa and Google Assistant, blending seamlessly into most smart home setups (and also allowing your Echo Display to effectively double up as a display system for the camera). A 128Gb SD Card slot on the cam lets you store video locally, although SwitchBot even offers cloud video storage (even if the camera itself is offline), allowing playback and even sharing video footage. All your data is protected by high-level encryption along with GDPR and CCPA certifications that put you, the user, in control of your data and information. YD readers are treated to a sweet 35% discount on the $29.99 camera, bringing its price down to $19.49 if you use the coupon code 35BFyankodesign. Grab a SwitchBot Indoor Cam for the discounted price using the link below – the code’s only valid till the 29th of November!

Click Here to Buy Now: $19.50 $29.99 (35% off for YD readers with coupon code “35BFyankodesign”). Hurry, sale ends on Nov 29th.