Mars or Earth, Vollebak’s latest cocoon inspired jacket lulls you to sleep anywhere!

Recently Volleback launched their Indestructible Puffer, and it quite nearly blew our minds. Fast forward to December, and they’ve just introduced another mindboggling invention two days ago! Curious? Yeah me too. Volleback’s latest release has been baptized ‘The Deep Sleep Cocoon’. The Deep Sleep Cocoon is a jacket designed to aid you in sleeping almost anywhere, on Earth and off Earth. You heard that right! Drawing inspiration from the protective exoskeleton of the woodlouse and the cocoons weaved by caterpillars, The Deep Sleep Cocoon is a self-contained microhabitat that will lull you to sleep whether you’re on a plane journey on Earth or on a space shuttle to Mars.

Sleep is something we take for granted here on Earth. With our cushy beds, fluffy pillows and controllable artificial lighting, we can be right in the middle of a deep snooze session within minutes! However in a space shuttle rocketing away in another galaxy, our surrounding environment is susceptible to cabin crew and scientific protocols, and control over light, sound, and temperature is impossible. Legends like Neil Armstrong and Buzz Aldrin must have suffered from this first hand. Taking cue from this dilemma, Vollebak designed the Deep Sleep Cocoon to combat every aspect of this situation.

The star of the jacket is its hood! Mimicking a visor on a space helmet, the hood has been crafted from five different segments, which can be conveniently folded over your face, forming a protective cocoon and allowing you to sleep peacefully. Equipped with four magnets, the hood effortlessly snaps into place, holding itself around your head without any support. Soft and breathable, the hood functions as a blacked-out visor, ensuring that no one can see in, but you can easily see everything around you. You can use your smartphone or laptop even with the visor covering your face!

Created from an advanced three-layer Swiss fabric, the Deep Sleep Cocoon is waterproof and windproof as well as abrasion-resistant! Power-packed with five handy pockets and a two-way front zipper, Vollebak sealed the deal with metal adjusters to tighten the jacket and Cordura cord adjusters. Though regular commute to Mars and other galaxies is still a far off reality, for the time being, the Deep Sleep Cocoon is perfect for catching some shut-eye on your next overnight flight! Snuggle into the cocoon-like jacket, and shut out the world!

Designer: Vollebak

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