A thermal camera equipped smartwatch that helps firefighters search and rescue faster!

Smart watches seem to be taking over the tech industry by storm, however PDF Haus has taken the concept one step further by creating the Pantech and Curitel Smartwatch. Inspired by the principles of the Pantech and Curitel Camcorder Phone, they decided to apply it to a new form factor- a Smartwatch. Armed with a thermal imaging camera, the Pantech and Curitel Smartwatch; a design by Kikang Kim is all set to transform the conventional thermal imaging experience into a more hands-free one.

Firefighters have been using thermal imaging cameras to save lives since ages galore. However thermal imaging cameras do tend to be bulky, reducing shooting capabilities and limiting hand movement. Though there’s no denying that these cameras are getting more compact by the day, PDF Haus decided to extend a limb and integrate the camera with a smartwatch. They collected and investigated relevant data, before coming to the hard-earned conclusion that such an integration was indeed possible! The result: a sleek smartwatch with a metallic finish and a strong rugged look, enabling firefighters to find an ignition point and save countless lives! The introduction of User Interface allows for the instant and easy capturing of images, without occupying any upper limb movement. Ergonomically the Smartwatch has been designed in such a way that all the firefighter needs to do is point the watch towards the fire, and watch the thermal image on the camera to discover if anyone is in need of help. A nifty dial has been provided to adjust the focus, with a tread pattern so it can be easily manoeuvered by the gloved fingers of the firefighters. An easily accessible power button allows us to switch the device on and off.

With a beautifully dotted strap and an array of different colors to choose from, PDF Haus has created a device that marvelously meets both tech and safety goals.

Designer: Kikang Kim with PDF Haus