A Handy Addition for the Bedside!


Unfortunately, it’s not uncommon for our phones to be charged multiple times a day now, but the one time of day where it can be almost guaranteed that the phone will be found on a charge, is at night. This sleek new addition for the bedside table utilizes the advancing technology that is wireless charging and combines it with the conventional alarm clock in a very beautiful way.

Aside from these two main features, another layer of functionality has been added thanks to the integration of NFC connectivity; notification icons display any missed calls, emails or messages, relieving the user from having to lift their phone of the pad. As well as this, a rather convenient do-not-disturb feature is automatically activated when the phone is connected, so the user can avoid those annoying, midnight, disturbances!

All these features and more are housed within a striking, well thought-out design with tactile, urban finishes and clear, engaging touchpoints!

Designer: Magnus Skogsfjord