This modern and minimal multifunctional pet carrier doubles up as a stool for you

There’s a special place in my heart…reserved completely for pet products! Our pets are quite literally our lifelines, and if you own a cat or two like me, then you know most of our days are spent catering to their every whim and fancy. Well-designed, smart, and functional product designs can make your pet’s life easier, more comfortable, and fun! And if they manage to provide some utility to your living space and you, then it’s quite literally the best of both worlds. One such example of an innovative design that caters to the needs of both pets and humans is – Guacal.

Designer: Andrés Cáceres

Designed by Andrés Cáceres, Guacal is a cute pet carrier that seems to double up as a stool for humans! Mimicking a mini stool, Guacal takes on a squarish form with rounded edges. The lower section seems to function as the pet carrier with transparent panels supporting the entire structure,  allowing you to keep an eye on your pet at all times. The upper section features a wooden base, which seems to serve as the seating area for you! Guacal looks sturdy enough to not only support your weight but to carry your pet around wherever you go. If you separate the transparent panels from the main structure, it quickly transforms into a handy stool for you.

Cáceres amped Guacal with a generous size, allowing it to accommodate dogs and cats, of different shapes, sizes and breeds, and not to mention even you!  You can stack multiple Guacals next to each other to create a long and modular seating arrangement. Guacal’s modern and minimal aesthetics ensure that it could perfectly complement any living space or home.

Guacal is the kind of modern, and multifunctional design that most of us need these days. It not only helps you comfortably transport your pet from one location to another, but even let’s you rest on it while you’re waiting in line for the vet to tend to your doggo!